The Liberal-NDP wars of 2013 -

The Liberal-NDP wars of 2013

Checking in on the Toronto Centre and Bourassa by-elections


To Toronto Centre, where we’ve got the NDP candidate accusing the Liberal candidate of avoiding debates, a picture of the NDP candidate shaking hands with Hugo Chavez and this picture of an old cellphone meant to demonstrate how long it has been since the Liberal candidate last lived in Toronto.

To Bourassa, where the NDP is accusing the Liberal candidate of inappropriately accepting an allowance and the Liberals are fretting about divisive politics.

And to the Internet, where the NDP leader is being accused of hypocrisy in regards to his choice of air travel seating.

The November 25 by-elections are now just 12 days away.


The Liberal-NDP wars of 2013

  1. I love that cellphone picture….that’s how we measure time anymore! LOL

  2. I noticed the past week, the Toronto Star is slowly coming out in support of the NDP, after Susan Delacourts chastising of Justin Trudeau for his taken out of context comment last week. Tim Harper kind of gave the dippers a thumbs up in todays paper for Linda McQuaid. I wonder, will the MSM go after Trudeau again to help push the Harper and Mulcair agenda like they just did this past week, if Trudeau wins a triple crown ? The MSM helped Sun News, the cons, and dippers do a drive by smear campaign against Trudeau again last week, they(MSM) done the same thing in the last by-election. I know the MSM will be relentless if he(Justin) looses.

    • Justin spoke for himself. That said more than enough.

      The real scandal was that so many media outlets,at first, tried to completely ignore Justin’s frame of mind.

  3. The campaign moves to the floors of the TSE:

    “Bye” “Cell”

    “BYE” “CELL”

    “BYE!!!!” “CELL!!!!”