The Liberal prorogation dance


Liberal MP Mauril Belanger is the only federal Liberal willing to openly criticize Dalton McGuinty’s prorogation.

The only Liberal MP among many interviewed by The Globe and Mail on Thursday who would say publicly that Mr. McGuinty is doing the wrong thing was Mauril Bélanger, who represents Ottawa-Vanier. “I stood out there when Mr. Harper put a padlock on the House of Commons because I didn’t think it was an appropriate thing to do,” said Mr. Bélanger. “I don’t think the Ontario Liberals should proceed in that way either. Prorogation can be used, has a use, but not indeterminately.”

Two of his caucus colleagues expressed similar frustration with the decision but did not want their names attached to the criticism. Both said there were alternatives that Mr. McGuinty should have considered. Several others refused to discuss the matter.

Former Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy, who might seek to replace Mr. McGuinty, says he doesn’t understand why the Ontario legislature needed to be prorogued. Liberal MPP Yasir Naqvi says the legislature had to be prorogued so the Liberals could “make the economy our priority.”


The Liberal prorogation dance

  1. “Liberal MPP Yasir Naqvi says the legislature had to be prorogued so the Liberals could ‘make the economy our priority.’ ”

    The McGuinty Liberals are taking so many pages out of the sleazy Harper-Conservative playbook they should be charged with plagiarism…

    • Totally agree. And it makes the roll of the GG/LG a joke.

    • And it is killing me, because the strategist brainiacs think that this is the sort of thing that will turn Conservatives into Liberals. Hello? It is turning Liberals into NDPers.

  2. Red herring for journos to follow….but no importance to anyone

  3. First i’ve heard of any liberal mp reaction. Good on Mr Belanger. Come on guys, just because the CPC act like a herd of trained seals doesn’t mean you have to follow suit! I want better! I demand better! I’m disappointed more haven’t spoken out – i’m looking at you in particular JT.

    • I’m trying to figure out who voted you down here. Or why. Mauril Belanger impresses me all over again every time I hear anything about him. Too bad my very first awareness of him was when I had lunch with him, and knew nothing. Wish I could have that lunch again.

      • Oh i suppose i have enemies here. My own fault; i’m often too direct , rude and intolerant of what i consider stupidity.
        I left a post on the party website to the effect it is the duty of the membership to support/back him and let the LPC leaders know we the members don’t approve[ hopefully that is the consensus view of the members]

        • Okay, voting you down because it’s you I guess I understand :) But voting you down because they are a member of any party, and I’m at a loss. I have to go to our regional meeting right now, but I’ll mention to people why not support you, supporting him supporting us.

          • :) Looks pretty conceited eh. Didn’t mean it that way, but it probably is.

  4. If Harper had announced his resignation the same day he prorogued, I would have been totally ok with it.
    Harper’s prorogation was for him to cling to power, this one is the exact opposite – Dalton is giving up power.

    • If Harper had announced his resignation the same day he prorogued, I would have been totally ok with it.


      That would also have been my feeling at the time and it would have ameliorated the sin, but now that it’s happened and it’s been brought to the public attention I still don’t think it makes it OK.

    • But Dalton has quit but is not going. There should be an interim leader put in. The idea that it would be hard to run a leadership race while governing is ridiculous. Opposition parties don’t get that luxury.

      • He only has a minority; defeat of the government pre leader is what Hudak has in mind.

        • Oh, so everything is shut down to thwart a particular party from taking advantage? Try to think beyond your own immediate political advantage for a moment. And trust me, I think Hudak is an idiot, but that is beside the point.

          • I am not a Liberal voter, but just can’t see McGuinty taking the risk of having to fight an election before a new leader is chosen. I agree with those who say he coud have resigned before the summer break.

    • Ha! Ya, he’s giving up power…. as soon as he decides he wants to because there’s no way for anybody to hold him accountable now. What’s stopping him from not quitting and not resuming parliament until mid-way through 2014?

      Anybody who tries to spin this one as OK, and Harper’s as not-OK has some serious consistency issues.

      • Wow, I get a chance to agree with Rick Omen, wonders never cease. Harper prorogued to save his own ass, McGuinty is proroguing in an attempt to save his colleague’s asses knowing full well that his own ass is beyond saving. That is the difference between the two. What is common between the two is a political leader who is willing to shit all over representative democracy in favour of their own private interests.
        Anyone who tries to split hairs on this one, saying one was bad and the other okay, is part of the problem in this country. Proof, if any more was needed, that democracy is too good for partisan morons.

        • if one is splitting hairs to try to exonerate something similar then yes it’s wrong, but if you’re assigning degree of blameworthiness without letting anyone off, it’s just and probably necessary.

  5. To be fair, there aren’t that many Liberal MPs to have an opinion :)

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