The Liberal standard -

The Liberal standard


In justifying the time it is allowing for debate of its budget implementation act, the Harper government is deferring to the time allotted for debate for the Liberal government’s budget in 2005.

That Liberal budget apparently received 21.8 hours of debate in the House on second reading. Here is the bill as it was presented when it was first tabled in the House. In print format, it measures 128 pages.

Here is the budget implementation act that the Conservatives tabled last week. In print format, it measures 452 pages. It is apparently set to receive 28.5 hours of debate.

The Liberal bill received 0.1703125 hours per page. To match that standard, the Conservative bill would have to be debated for just under 77 hours (76.98125 hours to be precise).


The Liberal standard

  1. It’s a trap. They’re hoping the opposition makes a substantive appraisal of all the non-budget powers and items included in this budget, compares them to all previous budgets, and then by the time the exact data is ready and they rise to say “Mr Speaker, we have determined that…” parliament will be less than a minute away from proroguing.

    • SH is a piece of work isn’t he? Mr accountability was throwing a blue fit over the liberal budget in 05 [ rightly so…and they backed off]. Now he is singing a different tune; a martial tune; the eternal song of the dyed in the wool hypocrite.
      Well, apart from the fact the tories are lying yet again, the other parties should just walk away from this steaming pile; until the govt agrees to let the approriate committees do their work.

      • The odd thing is that so often with their petty attacks on parliament, it’s completely unnecessary and there’s likely very little risk in doing things in a manner worthy of our great country.

        • Well that sorts fits into what Cullen and Coyne were saying. They don’t have the confidence to trust the people on their agenda, and as Coyne says, this time they’re trying to dupe the people of this country and not just its opposition parties.

          • Pretty much puts the lie to their claim that the Canadians are more
            comfortable with a conservative political value system. If that’s the
            case, why does the whole agenda have to be implemented by stealth,
            deception, and denial…and complete abdication of accountability for it
            (it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it, it’s an accounting discrepancy, it’s a
            typo, etc.)

          • Amen.

  2. Damn the Liberals as sleazy government and then use them as the bar to justify your own sleazy government.

    Stephen Harper: the transition to unprincipled d-bag is complete.