The list -

The list


York Centre is the 40th riding with reports of suspicious calls about polling station locations.

Those ridings have been tallied here, here, here, herehere and here. And the full list is as follows.

Calgary Centre
Edmonton Centre
Hamilton East-Stoney Creek
Kingston and the Islands
Kitchener Centre
London West
Mississauga East-Cooksville
Mount Royal
Northumberland-Quinte West
North Vancouver
Ottawa-West Nepean
Parkdale-High Park
Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission
Prince George-Peace River
Saanich-Gulf Islands
Saint Boniface
Saint John
Thunder Bay-Superior North
West Nova
Windsor West
Winnipeg South Centre
York Centre


The list

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    • Are you saying that there is some kind of Macleans monomania out there that has afflicted the locals?

      • It’s Tony. He’s not saying anything. He just fires out random quotes and hopes that people will think he’s deep instead of derp.

      • I picture Wherry as needle stuck in groove, and someone needs to help him, but I don’t want to be too rude towards our gracious host so I am being oblique.

        • Yeah, why don’t reporters just regurgitate press releases and talking points, and move on to the next shiny object? Can’t we all just move past these minor incidents of attempted voter suppression and get on to celebrating the increase in the chocolate ration? I hear it’s up to 20 grams a week now!

        • Is this the only site you visit?

      • Maybe he’s describing his own condition, who knows.

  2. How many people per riding have come forward to say they have received calls that told them to go to a different or non existent poll? Tens, hundreds, thousands? I know that one is too many, but I would like to see numbers.  

    • Well, Elections Canada say they’ve received over 31,000 complaints so far, which is orders of magnitude more than normal.  Take the number of ridings Wherry reports and split it up, and that’s 750 complaints per riding on average.  Now, some of those complaints may be irrelevant.  But on the other hand, it’s very very unlikely that everyone who experienced such an incident has complained about it, or even close to everyone.
      Given that one riding won by Cons was taken by only 18 votes, a few more by under 100 and quite a few more than that by under 1000, there are potentially quite a lot of ridings that could have been won due to fraudulent voter suppression–plausibly enough that without them, they might not have a majority.  And since the other parties hate their guts, if they didn’t have a majority they probably wouldn’t be in government at all; they wouldn’t command the confidence of the house. 
      So I’d say it’s pretty significant.

  3. The more complete list is at and it has Regina Lumsden Lake Centre where I personally know someone who has told me directly that they were called twice on election day with the wrong polling location. He was not born ’47-’49 to I’ll note, although I don’t know if someone that age is at his residence or not.