The long-gun registry six


A footnote to this footnote.

Left to their own devices, six New Democrat MPs who had previously stated their opposition to the long-gun registry subsequently voted to defeat C-391: Malcolm Allen, Charlie Angus, Claude Gravelle, Carol Hughes, Peter Stoffer and Glenn Thibeault.

Four of the six—Allen, Gravelle, Hughes and Thibeault—subsequently increased their total vote and margin of victory in this spring’s election over their 2008 election result. Messrs. Angus and Stoffer saw their vote totals decrease, but still won by 18.7 and 23.5 percentage points respectively.

Conversely, four of the seven Liberals who were compelled to change their votes and subsequently stood for reelection, were defeated this spring.

Make of this what you will.


The long-gun registry six

  1. 4/7 of those Liberals were defeated? Much the same as the entire Liberal caucus went from 77 seats to 34. 4/7 is what you’d get by chance, pretty much, so there’s not much sign it was the cudgel the Tories wanted it to be at the ballot box. Great fundraiser, though. Best one ever.

    On the other side of the equation, the Conservatives were supposed to be made radioactive in urban areas by their anti-gun-control stance. They picked up seats in Vancouver, Toronto (City), Toronto (905 suburbs), Winnipeg, London, and took out Mark Holland. They held their own in Ottawa and the other four non-Winnipeg major Prairie cities. The only urban ridings where they saw slippage were in Quebec City and Gatineau.

    By all means, Mark Holland, keep the issue alive until 2015. The Tories haven’t raised enough money on the Liberals-Are-Gonna-Take-Yer-Guns meme yet.

  2. For all of the MPs Wherry lists, I don’t think the long gun registry flip-flop was a factor in their reelections or defeats.

    The fact that 4 of the 7 Liberal MPs who were compelled to change their votes lost their seats probably has something to do with the fact that four sevenths of the Liberal caucus as a whole were defeated, as part of a historic, crushing rejection of the Liberals by the Canadian electorate.

    Of the four NDP registry-switchers who were reelected with higher margins, their vote counts were probably bolstered by progressive voters fleeing the hapless Liberals, which more than offset NDP voters who switched to the Conservatives because of the registry issue.

  3. We need this registry. Just like you a liesance to drive and ownership that is registered you should have to register a gun.

    • Why do you think that an apt comparison, pray tell?

  4. Liberals led the charge (whipped vote and a list of legislative amendments to make the LGR workable) and bore the weight of the wrath overall.  But rightly so, the NDP supported the LGR on their own convictions and self-gained knowledge.  Any constituent would know the conviction of their MP.  Made the NDP all the more impressive.

  5. The most satisfying defeat was that of Mark Holland.  The others may have lost by chance, but not not ole ‘skid’ Mark Holland.. He was ‘targeted’ by the CPC and Toronto Gun Owners. If ‘anyone’ lost their seat over the gun registry alone, it was him… And good riddance..

  6. Not to mention one out of the two NDP MPs defeated in the last election had support abolishing the gun registry. Didn’t seem to hurt him.

    • help, help him

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