The long wait for Omar Khadr


Omar Khadr’s lawyers are seeking a judicial review of his application to return to Canada. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews received the application in April.

In October 2010, the Harper government assured the Obama administration that “Government of Canada is inclined to favourably consider Mr. Khadr’s application to be transferred to Canada to serve the remainder of his sentence, or such portion of the remainder of his sentence as the National Parole Board determines.” In October 2011, the Harper government managed to say both that it would respect the agreement between Mr. Khadr and the U.S. government and assert that that agreement had no bearing on the Harper government’s decision.

Mr. Toews says he’s still waiting for “relevant information.”

“I’m not going to make any decisions that would in any way jeopardize public safety. I have an obligation to satisfy myself that I have all of the relevant information before I make a decision,” Toews said in Saskatchewan. “At this point I do not have all the relevant information and I will not be pushed into making a decision that would have me consider less than the full facts.”

Omar Khadr was first captured by American forces in Afghanistan on July 27, 2002. He was transferred to Guantanamo Bay in late October 2002.


The long wait for Omar Khadr

  1. What a pylon this minister is! If he received it he would not read it. If he read it he would not understand it. If he understood it he would not care.

  2. Toew-jam.

  3. Toews has always been such a stickler for getting all relevant information before making decisions.

  4. Too bad Omar didn’t try and throw a grenade at me. I’d be more than happy to deliver a “hearts and minds” greeting with two taps in quick succession.

    • which is why surely everyone can agree you aren’t fit to be in a situation where an insurgent is throwing a grenade at you.

      • Please enlighten us with the story about how you reacted the last time an “insurgent” threw a grenade at you killing one of your mates.
        Now that you are sitting back on your recliner I`m sure everyone can agree what a brave warrior you must have been !

        • In 08 It was 3 taps the grenade didn’t get to us. An IED on the other hand did wreck our Coyote

        • When they recovered him he had already been shot and wasn’t going anywhere. there very well may be people in that siutation who would have murdered him in cold blood, but these people shouldn’t be in our army. Matter of discipline.

  5. Translation: He wants to watch the CIA’s torture tapes.