The Maclean's political panel: on rumoured copyright reform

Video: The Maclean’s political panel on Trudeau’s bad week

The Ottawa bureau discusses copyright reform and other headlines


Each week, the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau sits down to discuss the stories behind the week’s stories.

This week the panel mulls proposed Tory copyright reform and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s bad week:

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Video: The Maclean’s political panel on Trudeau’s bad week

  1. The media threatened to censor political speech by taking it upon themselves the decision on whether an political ad could be air. That is the problem.

    If a media organization feels its copyright or property rights were being violated, they have recourse to the courts and the legal system. The rights holder can sue.

    Political speech, in a democracy, has to be given the widest berth. One would think the media, of all institutions, would understand this. Clearly they don’t, and have been corrupted by their privileged position of information gatekeeper.

    • By that argument, it would be OK for a party to take say, a pop tune, and simply use it as a campaign song, with no recourse or compensation to the writer. The news networks should set a schedule of rates for using clips, based on the length and origin of the clip. No pay, no clip.

      BTW, this would seem to me to be a two-edged sword. I suspect that for every sketchy Mulcaire or Trudeau clip out there, a baker’s dozen of clips exposing the inane or bigoted or just plain stupid remarks of the PM, his cabinet cronies and the sock-puppets in the bleachers exist. Make no mistake, they will be used. As my sainted Mother once said: “Be careful what you wish for”.

    • This is just another tool in the arsenal of the Harper Indoctrination of Canada, It’s just another step towards Fascism that this government has been trying to force on the Canadian people. I’m not always in agreement with what most of the MSM writes, but I have a lot more trust in what the MSM is saying, than I do of this Frankentory[reformers,wild rose&tories] government.

  2. Turdeau 2 will be the final nail in the coffin of the once “natural ruling party”

    The Chretien?Martin Lieberal civil war rages on………………..”this is the end”

  3. …don’t worry, Levant/Adler will continue to “air” anything (positive) about the “Progressive Reformists”, even if they have to make it up.

    • If it’s positive, it has to have been made up.