The Maclean’s Politics Panel: Doiron’s death, niqab politics

Also: Why Holocaust comparisons are almost always a bad idea



Each week, the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau sits down to discuss the stories behind the week’s stories in our politics podcast, On The Hill.

They also gather in the OMNI studios to talk about the stories that matter. This week, John Geddes and Paul Wells join Cormac Mac Sweeney to talk about what Sgt. Andrew Doiron’s death in Iraq means for the broader Canadian mission and why political leaders engaged in niqab politics.



The Maclean’s Politics Panel: Doiron’s death, niqab politics

  1. I find the support for the mission in Iraq is a little shaky from the latest polling by Frank Graves, 54% of voters approve of the mission, 27% somewhat approve, 27% fully approve. I would be very wary of that 27% somewhat support the mission, that sounds like their is a little reluctance, not sure . Trudeau never compared Harper in his speech to what happened in the 30sand 40s, and he never said once in his speech, the word Holocaust, and any of the MSM who say that, should retract it, because it’s not true. He said we shouldn’t go down that road, to what happened in the 30s and 40s with the different people of origin. It was about time someone did called Harper out, he was cruising a little too fast, so Trudeau decided he had to give Harper a speeding ticket. Trudeau should go after him hard in the debate, over this, and the right to die with dignity, that should be fun, and now that Tom agrees with Harper about the niqab, it should be better. That should bring the curmudgeon out of both Harper and Mulcair.

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