The Maclean's/CPAC debate -

The Maclean’s/CPAC debate


Anyone who missed the outstanding debate last night (or wants to see it again!) between Jason Kenney (Conservatives), David McGuinty (Liberals), Peggy Nash (NDP) and Rebecca Harrison (Green Party), can watch it here.

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The Maclean’s/CPAC debate

  1. very good.

  2. I watched for a while, untill the women started going in predictable directions about complaining about cuts to this organisation, and that organisation.

    I mean, why do we need sooo many organisations to talk around in circles.

    And so I turned it off because I was turned off.


    • Hey Frances… given that both moderators were male so the ratio of male to female on stage had the women outnumbered two to one … it’s pathetic that when Nash (not Harrison) mentioned cuts to the Status of Women Canada (a federal government ministry) you felt like silencing all debate entirely….

      Just pathetic… and totally wrong.


  3. It was great.