The march of technology


Japanese developers have developed a keyboard for the iPhone — turning it into a really large, bad, ugly BlackBerry:

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The march of technology

  1. If the keyboard is below, why do you need a picture of a keyboard in the “monitor” section?

    I don’t know how a blackberry works, never mind this thing, but that just seems ridiculous. Also, if there was sound on that YouTube video, I couldn’t hear it. So maybe you explained the silly picture of a keyboard.

    But with this new technology and the font size of this new (otherwise awesome) website, I sense a conspiracy against 40+. Can’t really blame the twentysomethings based on how badly my generation has screwed things up, but still.

  2. Jenn; This is a personal project by one hobbyist geek, not some sort of product being developed for sale. At the moment, the keyboard works with that one program you see on the iPhone screen. It is pretty cool that he got it working, as it took a bit of hardware hacking too.

    Don’t worry, you won’t soon see hundreds of these walking around downtown.

  3. Jenn, try ‘ctrl +’ (the plus sign next to the number pad). That will increase the font size. Minus reduces it again.

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