The meaning of a vote -

The meaning of a vote


Conservative backbencher Dan Albas is concerned that a Liberal MP is oversimplifying a vote he cast.

For as much as there is often talk in Ottawa about instilling a more civil and less political atmosphere particularly in committee work, the reality is that partisan politics continue to be alive and well in our Country’s capital. This morning York West MP Judy Sgro sent a letter in to a local newspaper editor criticizing my position in voting against a motion introduced by MP Sgro at the Status of Women Committee. I don’t have any issue with MP Sgro for taking me to task in voting against her motion. Likewise to raise the question on the issue and my position on it is also fair game. Where I do take issue is the inference from MP Sgro that I do not share her concerns simply because I disagreed with her proposal on how best to resolve them…

We certainly exercise our duties in different ways as is expected but it never occurred to me to suggest that someone does not care about an issue simply because they disagree with the best means to resolve a challenge.

Presumably Mr. Albas’ concern extends to interpreting votes against budget bills as votes against every measure contained therein.


The meaning of a vote

  1. Kudos to Wherry for posting that. I notice the usual commenters are mum. I mean, what the hell? He’s posting a Harperite’s perfectly reasonable self-defence?

    • Stopped reading when you reached the end of the italics, did you?

      • He trusted in the words of a CPC MP. While if one is of that ideological bent you can see the natural inclination, but ya gotta wonder where he’s been since, say, Mr. Harper appointed Emerson to cabinet.

      • You’re right – missed that last sentence. So, alas, it is nothing more than another typical Wherry gotcha. It’s a reasonable gotcha, but just as one-sided as always. My mistake to think Wherry would ever post something favourable to a Conservative. In my defense, though, judging from the lack of response it would appear that a lot of the usual Wherryites made the same mistake.

        The universe is now back in its usual shape.

    • Perfectly reasonable?
      I think Mr Wherry is pointing out that Mr Albas’ standard of what a vote represents does not appear to be held by Leona Aglukkaq, Michelle Rempel, Daryl Kramp, Pierre Lemieux, or Vic Toews. If he has issues with Ms Sgro’s oversimplification of his vote, perhaps he should be consulting his own colleagues also.
      Per Halo, I think you stopped reading at the end of the italics.