The meaning of the Trudeau attack ads -

The meaning of the Trudeau attack ads

Teachers are unimpressed and the Liberal leader’s masculinity is considered


Teachers are apparently unimpressed with the Conservative attack ads.

The head of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation says members have been contacting him since the Conservatives began running TV ads that refer to his past as a drama teacher as a sign of his inexperience and unsuitability to lead the country.

“People are very insulted that their profession was targeted in that way,” said Paul Taillefer, president of the federation, a national organization representing about 200,000 teachers. (Taillefer is also a former Liberal candidate who ran unsuccessfully in the 2008 federal election.) “To say that it is not a worthwhile profession and the skills you garner in a teaching career don’t really count for anything, well, people are pretty upset about that.”

Other observers wonder if the ads are an attempt to question Mr. Trudeau’s masculinity.

“I think there is a subtle attempt not necessarily to question Justin Trudeau’s masculinity but to at least make him appear less masculine,” said David Coletto, a Canadian market researcher and CEO of Abacus Data.

Coletto says recent polling shows Trudeau does just as well with men as with women, something that would worry the Conservatives. “I think (the ads) are meant to weaken his standing particularly among middle-aged men, who are really the core of the Conservative government’s coalition, so they’re trying to shore that up … the idea that this guy’s not a man’s man, and maybe therefore not worthy of our vote,” said Coletto.

In a note to supporters this morning, Trudeau campaign co-chair Katie Telford claims the Liberals have raised $500,000 in the past week, more than half of those donating making their first political donation and one in five having not registered or voted in the leadership campaign. The Trudeau response ads have apparently begun airing. There also appears to be a second cut of the French ad that differs slightly in the images used from the one released earlier this week.


The meaning of the Trudeau attack ads

  1. It strikes me as odd that the Conservatives would want to attempt to attack Trudeau’s masculinity. Sure he is a pretty boy, but he is also an athletic, outdoors enthusiast willing to go toe to toe with someone significantly larger, and call a spade a spade. (or a POS) If he wasn’t so pretty, he could be in a Canadian beer commercial.

    There is no evidence Harper has ever stepped out of his comfort zone physically; he has never played sports (and it shows), he writes about hockey but can’t skate. It is true there is a Harley in the driveway, but it belongs to his wife.

    • “It is true there is a Harley in the driveway, but it belongs to his wife.”


      • And what does a Harley have to do with physical sports???

        Obviously you must think that playing chess is a physical sport too. :)

        • zing?

          • …went the strings of my heart!

        • The main point SS was making pertained to traditional perceptions of masculinity. I seem to recall Harper himself (I could be wrong) commenting on why he would never ride with his wife on her bike – the horrible optics/fodder of a photo where he would be a passenger.

          • Who in the heck cares whether Harper wants to ride on the back of his wife’s bike!

            But thank you for taking the time to comment on my post.

    • Agreed – the masculinity attack is indeed odd. The response ad seems obvious – footage of the boxing much against an alleged woman beater Conservative senator. Should the liberals reconsider their stance on ads, insert clips of Harper denouncing senate, while also making clear that he was the one who appointed the thug. Ads are not rational – all about emotions (as all the pundits keep reminding us)

      • There must be tons of Liberal media types who would be salivating at the prospect of making negative ads targeting CPC senators . . . Duffy, Finley, Brazeau, Wallin . . . what a rogue’s gallery.

    • As he showed with his ATV rides, the Prime Minister needs a minimum of 4 wheels. Maybe he can manage three.

      • We need to get Harper onto a Segway.

        • Too risky

  2. So glad we’re heading down the road of valuing an issue by
    the amount of money it brings in … cuz lord knows that road
    ends in a great place.

    • But now we’re talking Liberals bringing in money and that’s a good thing.

      Liberals have been so upset for years that the CPC has done such successful fundraising. Therefore the CPC fundraising was always considered bad.

      But times they are a changing; Liberals are doing the fundraising now and all is good!

  3. “…..middle-aged men, who are really the core of the Conservative government’s coalition, so they’re trying to shore that up”

    Ahum………Conservative government’s coalition………………….

    Who’s doing the shoring up here! :))

  4. Teaching drama classes or serving as president of the NCC are two completely different experiences.

    The drama teacher works within a theatrical setting whereas the main concern of the NCC is reality and how politics deals with such reality.

    Justin was a drama teacher. Harper was president of the NCC.

    No need to hide that information.

    • yes a drama teacher (ONE of the many subjects Trudeau taught) is a drama teacher. The NCC are political drama queens.

      • NCC is a nearly defunct organization with fewer than 2000 hits on its facebook page. Even in its heyday, it was simply Stephen Harper with a Vic 20 in his breakfast nook.

    • Conservative slander and lies are disgusting. Here are the facts from Wiki: “After graduation, [Trudeau] worked as a social studies and French teacher at West Point Grey Academy and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

      Harper was a mail room clerk before becoming a conservative activist. He has a masters degree in economics but never worked as an economist.

      Most Canadians think Harper is a terrible leader: he’s an autocratic micromanaging bully, devoid of personality and charisma, chooses ideology over facts and evidence, inflicts his pet-project policies on the nation, believes his power entitles him to “make all the rules.”

      Trudeau will show Canadians what real leadership is all about.

  5. Last night on the CBC panel show, Anderson remarked on the level of visceral hatred of Trudeau he has found in talking to Conservatives. He seems like a pretty conservative guy to me but he said he found it shocking. These ads rise out of that vitriol but they also pour gasoline on the flames.

    • I think the visceral is crystal clear, as seen in various posts, comments, etc. My guess would be that for the first time since the Martin days, that Conservative supporters are feeling fear. The Trudeau name/brand is much more powerful than what they faced with Dion/Iggy, whom they crushed with relative ease. A key part of this hatred is by linking JT with “the sins” of his father. As always, fear is a powerful motivator.

    • Visceral doesn’t even begin to describe it. They are sounding increasingly shrill, so much so that its hard to see how they could dial it back a few notches.

      • I think it’s getting a bit frightening and something we should start being concerned about.

  6. i doubt that the Teachers Union was the target audience of the CPC ads.
    I truly didn’t get the ‘he’s a wuz’ take when I saw the ads. My first thought was those glassy eyes and head rolling sure make him look flip.

    • I don’t agree. I think you’d have to be blind to not consider that you would be pissing off teachers with this. My guess would be that they figure that most teachers lean left anyways, so pissing them off isn’t that much of risk. Would love to be a fly on the wall in that strategy room…

  7. Wow!! Shocking!!! A Liberal who’s “offended” at an attack on another Liberal. Stop the friggin’ presses!!!

    Why am I not surprised that thin-skinned teachers take any criticism of one of their own as an attack on the entire profession?

    Where are the “journalists” who are calling up marketing firms to find someone who can be “offended” at Trust Fund Trudeau’s comments about Negative ads? Why does Trudeau hate the advertising industry?

    It’s really turning out to be quite amazing that everybody seems to be trying to defend Trust Fund Trudeau, except himself. Is he that defenceless that he needs a Teachers Union rep to speak for him?

    • The teachers’ union representative is speaking on behalf of teachers, not Justin Trudeau. The Canadian people will speak for Trudeau in 2015.

      • That’s complete BS, because the ad didn’t target teachers, it targeted Trust Fund Trudeau. The teachers union is being thin-skinned in an attempt to deflect from the legitimate criticisms of Trust Fund Trudeau.

  8. Meanwhile, Brigitte Depape has surfaced again. She’s leading a group that has produced anti-Harper attack ads and wants to run them.

    The media response?

    Call her ads “clever”, “witty”, and put a link at the bottom of the article to help Brigitte Depape’s little band of misfits solicit donations to help them run the ads.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is journalism.

  9. With all the buzz over cyber-bullying habits of young Canadians, the Conservative attack ads (and all attack ads for that matter) set a poor example for new generations of Canadians, whether they are interested in politics or not. If our nation’s leaders can insult each other on public television, then telling kids they can’t name-call on Facebook is pure hypocrisy.

    • Great commentary on this by Don Martin on Friday’s Power Play.

    • Good point, Ryan. I totally agree that the government’s fondness for attack ads are little different than bullying and only aid and encourage a bully mentality.