The measure of the race


As part of its latest filing with Elections Canada, the NDP has tabled fundraising data for its leadership race through Dec. 31, 2011. Alice Funke has the headline totals.

Q4$: Topp $157K | Mulcair $146K | Nash $108K | Dewar $94K | Cullen $86K | Singh $49K | Chisholm $35K | Saganash $17.5K | Ashton $10K

Contrib count to #ndpldr‘s: Mulcair 621 | Dewar 456 | Cullen 442 | Nash 347 | Topp 278 | Singh 110 | Saganash 87 | Chisholm  64 | Ashton 58

Glen McGregor has graphed the numbers between September and December to show the trend over the first few months of the campaign.

The Dewar campaign boasts that it is now up to 721 contributors. The Cullen campaign claimed last week to be over $135,000.


The measure of the race

  1. Does anybody know if a person has to be a member of the NDP in order to donate to a leadership candidate?  And, uh, can a person be a member of a different party and donate to an NDP leadership candidate?

    • There is no membership requirement to donate to a political party, riding association, candidate, leadership contestant or nomination contestant.

      • Thanks!  I knew about the first three, but wasn’t totally sure on the last two.

        •  donate to Cullen….I have already

          • I did!  Right after writing that.

            I see I’ll have trouble filling out my tax return next year, though, since they only give me two lines for Federal contributions.  I’ll need three :)

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