The meeting goes on


The AFN confirms that National Chief Shawn Atleo and approximately 20 First Nations leaders—including representatives from Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon—are presently meeting with the Prime Minister.

Rideau Hall has confirmed that this evening’s ceremonial meeting with the Governor General is also set to occur.


The meeting goes on

  1. Ontario chiefs aren’t there apparently. Atleo’s job hangs on the thread of results.

    The ball is now in Harper’s court.

    • Some of the chiefs said they are going to launch a non-confidence vote if Atleo EVEN attends the meeting.

      • We’ll see….there are peacemakers and militants….also combos.

        For the first time ever….the militants are gaining ground across Canada

  2. Better than nothin’ (or nobody). I hope all goes well and something good comes of this.

    • There is a rift in the AFN. Atleo’s enemies want him out for even attending the meeting. I am not sure if something really good will come out of this if Atleo loses his leadership role.

      • They had a fine roster of potential leaders running against him last year, including Pam Palmater and Perry Bellegarde. Atleo has been seen as weak and in the pm’s pocket in the past; really, this is his chance to shine. Moreover, Atleo has been quite absent in this discussion the past few weeks, so it’s also his chance to show that he exists and can handle some power.

      • How can it be a grassroots movement if it is expected to bow to the guy they think isn’t doing the job well? Isn’t that part of the INM people’s grievances? He’s in a tough spot for sure, because he really has no power to influence harper (except as in Stephen Maher’s piece, for Atleo to say to Harper — you hear those guys knocking at the door? Do you want to talk to me or them? (so a terrific divide and conquer opportunity for harper). Otherwise, he may be seen as part of the problem by the grassroots protesters, who up until now have been providing the momentum. Atleo is pretty close to a lose/lose situation.

  3. At least some of the FN chiefs have some common sense. I can only hope that MSM laughs in Theresa Spence’s (and all ON FNs) face the next time she complains about not being consulted about something. These clowns have turned their entire movement into the biggest farce the countries ever seen.

    • Sorry. We’d have to see a complete list of the many farces
      before we could properly judge. An outline of the criteria for
      determining “big” would also be helpful.

  4. If I understand correctly, those not attending are doing so because the GG is not attending. If so, is that because they really don’t understand that the GG has nothing useful to contribute, or is it because they understand that and want to sabotage the meeting in order bring Atleo down?

    I’m discounting the possibility that they understand the GG is useless, but are insisting on his presence for the sake of the symbolism. That would make those Tea Party Republicans who were willing to go over the fiscal cliff rather than compromise look almost sane in comparison.

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