The Michael Ignatieff Explanation Tour -

The Michael Ignatieff Explanation Tour

‘Don’t go into it as naïve as I was’


The former Liberal leader’s exercise in explanation finishes with the CBC, Global and CTV, where he puts this cap on his politicl career.

“This is a book that says: Look, this is a very tough game. Don’t go into it as naïve as I was,” he told Question Period. “But it also says: Remember what a wonderful thing it is to run for office.”


The Michael Ignatieff Explanation Tour

  1. What I find incredible is the naïveté that MI seems to show when he entered politics. “This is a very tough game”? Well yeah, it is. Wasn’t that obvious?
    Now, I say “seems to show” because I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he already knew it was a tough game before entering politics. And that this book, and his statement, is merely repeating an already well-known fact.
    But if he honestly believed it would be a cakewalk to defeat Harper, or that it would be impossible to fall to 3rd place behind the NDP, then he is indeed a naïve person.

    • He was never cut out to lead a political party. Those of us who don’t guzzle the Liberal Kool-Aid saw this from the start. But Liberals always know better than Canadian voters, so they went with him anyway.