The Michael Ignatieff Explanation Tour

The former Liberal leader sits down with all the nation’s top interviewers


In Michael Ignatieff we were at least blessed with a politician who is at least willing to entertain a conversation about himself. Last night, he sat down with George Stroumboulopoulos.

And yesterday morning he sat down with Jian Ghomeshi.

Before those chats, he sat down (or so I presume, we were on the phone so I can’t say for sure whether he was standing, sitting or reclining) with me for this interview.


The Michael Ignatieff Explanation Tour

  1. Author writes book, goes on book tour.

  2. And the winner for euphemism of the year is…

    “Michael Ignatieff (…) is at least willing to entertain a conversation about himself”.

  3. I’m in the early part of the book and let’s just say it’s definitely not ghostwritten. Very Iggy-esque. The beginning of a straightforward perspective turns into quoting 19th century French authors. All that being said, it’s incredibly self-aware and self-critical, which isn’t particularly common in political memoirs. He knows what his mistakes were, and is up front about them.

  4. Yes, let’s talk about this author who’s promoting a book as if he were still a politician. Brilliant idea. Maybe the Liberals should get him to run for leader. I’m sure voters are just dying for a guy like Iggy.

    • When’s Harper doing his book tour, or will his ghost writer be doing it?

    • And how ’bout that hockey book by a politician who can’t skate, write, or answer a question? What’s his name again?

  5. “I’m driving and I’m not even speeding.”

    Give me a medal.

  6. Correction: attack ads work when they tell the truth. When they lie, they backfire.

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