The middle path -

The middle path


Leger surveys NDP voters in Quebec.

Among the key findings of the Internet survey: 67 per cent of self-declared NDP voters said they were very (35 per cent) or somewhat (32 per cent) attached to Canada. That was right between the two extremes — the 95 per cent of Liberal voters and 94 per cent of Conservatives who proclaimed an attachment to Canada, and a mere 28 per cent of Bloc Quebecois voters who did…

NDP voters also found themselves between the two sides on political ideology: only 29 per cent of them called themselves left wing or centre-left. That compared with 21 per cent who said they were centrist, while 11 per cent identified themselves as centre-right and three per cent as right wing.

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The middle path

  1. That, to me, should sound like an invitation to Liberals to be that centre/centre-right party for Quebeckers. Harper is very unpopular in Quebec, so this ground ought to be more fertile than any other in the country. They need to make sure the ghosts of the past are dead and buried. The antics so far are not encouragin.

  2. Is this not proof that Quebec voted for more power in the minority that was to be? Doesn’t sound like they voted on ideology.

    I personally don’t speak french, but is there anyone who can tell English Canada what the Quebec press was saying during the election? Wouldn’t that be a story in itself?

  3. It’s progress. Better them than the Bloc.

    (Mind you, it’s the usual 95% attached voters plus a bunch of unattached nationalists.)