The minister and the helicopter


Defence Minister Peter MacKay apparently had one of Newfoundland’s three search-and-rescue helicopters dispatched to pick him up from a fishing trip.

MacKay’s office defended the move, saying it was an opportunity for the defence minister to see the helicopters’ search-and-rescue abilities up close. “After cancelling previous efforts to demonstrate their search-and-rescue capabilities to Minister MacKay over the course of three years, the opportunity for a simulated search and rescue exercise finally presented itself in July of 2010,” a statement from MacKay’s office said. “As such, Minister MacKay cut his personal trip to the area short to participate in this Cormorant exercise.”

However, military sources say no search-and-rescue demonstration was planned until the very day MacKay’s office made the request to pick him up.


The minister and the helicopter

  1. “Military sources said the order to collect MacKay came from the defence minister’s own office.”

    Payback is a bitch, that’s for certain.  “Military sources” = General Natynczyk or one of his minions.

    • It is pretty convenient that this all comes to light now.

  2. I for one am ecstatic that our Armed Forces got the opportunity to practice rescuing someone from the dangerous and threatening environemnt of a luxury fishing lodge on such short notice.

  3. This ‘news’ about something that happened a year ago suggests that the military has taken exception to the attack launched by CTV last week on Natynczyk based on nothing more than misleading information from an anonymous source.  That would suggest that the anonymous source was not military.  That narrows down the list of who the anonymous source might be. 

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