The Mulcair era begins -

The Mulcair era begins


Eric Grenier considers Thomas Mulcair’s mandate. Joanna Smith looks at the potential personnel changes. Mark Kennedy lists ten challenges. The Globe profiles a hard-hitting pragmatist. And Postmedia and the Canadian Press considers the prospects for a bearded politician.

Not since Mackenzie Bowell in 1894 have Canadians had a bearded prime minister, and Bowell managed the feat without actually running for the office. The Conservative senator got the nod when then-prime minister John Thompson suddenly died.

Bowell may not be an inspirational figure for Mulcair. Apart from his dramatic, spadelike facial hair, Bowell’s two-year reign was notable for him being the only prime minister to be forced to resign by members of his own cabinet, which he labelled “a nest of traitors.”


The Mulcair era begins

  1. I was hoping we could skip the beard nonsense.

    • Beard is important – tells us that Mulcair is sandal wearing dirty hippy at heart and Canadians should vote accordingly. You can’t trust the beardy types, they are left wing kooks.

      • Beards are perfectly normal. Be serious.

      • I’m withholding judgement until CP tells me whether he wears socks with those sandals.

  2. Mulcair`s win is bad news for the Liberals. The one place they had a hope of re-establishing themselves was Quebec and Mulcair`s win will mean most of the loose Quebec seats remain NDP.

    Mulcair`s win is bad news longterm for the NDP. Mulcair will hold Quebec but his regionalism will antagonize traditional NDP strongholds in troc.

    Mulcair`s win is good news for Harper and the Conservatives. His gains in Ont. and the West will include most of the new seats. He could win 200+ seats in 2015.

    • “…. and Mulcair`s win will mean most of the loose Quebec seats remain NDP.”

      I think Mulcair’s win means Que feds and soft nationalists will continue voting NDP, while Que separatists will vote BQ and Libs are nowhere.