The NDP agenda -

The NDP agenda


The party is ready to propose language law reforms. And Brian Masse, potentially the industry critic in the next NDP shadow cabinet, sees an opportunity for high(er) speed rail.

In the meantime, the federal government should back “prep work” needed for a Windsor to Montreal high-speed network, such as building road-rail grade separations, Masse said. Improving travel time from Windsor to Toronto by an hour to 90 minutes should be the initial goal, he said. “It’s doesn’t have to be high-speed, but can be higher speed,” Masse said. “Then it becomes real viable. That’s when we have a real ability to start connecting it internationally.”


The NDP agenda

  1. Well, I’m all for high-speed rail…we might at last be able to join the rest of the world in transport technology….but just ‘higher speed’ rail is a waste of time and money.

  2. And so the make work projects for the unions start.

    “Canada’s unions are offering their best and brightest for the large number of jobs the NDP must fill as soon as possible.”

    “We want the party to succeed. It’s important to us. We’ve got a Harper majority. We want Jack to have the best there is,” Mr. Coles said in an interview. “We’re looking tirelessly right now – in the last 72 hours – to find good resource people for the party, and so is the whole labour movement.”

    • That’s office staffers.

  3. High speed rail and language laws. If Andrew Coyne hasn’t started writing a book about the NDP and the 41st Parliament, he should start.

  4. Another occasion when the NDP seem to have forgotten who won the election.