The NDP does Bud the Spud -

The NDP does Bud the Spud

The NDP caucus pays tribute to Stompin’ Tom


Just before QP today, the NDP caucus gathered in the foyer to sing Stompin’ Tom’s Bud the Spud.


The NDP does Bud the Spud

  1. Politicians….acting like actual human beings? ..Interesting

  2. Thank you to the NDP for this….a very classy thing to do!

  3. A very strong percussion section ..

  4. From tommorow’s QP:

    Mr. speaker, while the NDP have stated just yesterday about the poor relationship they have with law enforcement and the Ontario Provincial Police, in contrast the CPC is worried about the rising tide of crime lapping at our shores and will work hand in hand with the police to keep Canadians safe. We are shocked and disappointed her majesty’s opposition would think differently.

  5. That was heart-warming.

  6. Good job NDP.Classy tribute