The NDP platform -

The NDP platform


Jack Layton tabled the NDP platform yesterday morning.

I promise you this: the morning after the election, I will get down to work on your practical key priorities. As Prime Minister, I will work with others to get Ottawa working for you. And I will deliver results in the first 100 days. You can hold me to it.


The NDP platform

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    Layton is fighting an uphill battle The winner is: Nik (the fixer) Nanos, pollster turned pundit, and his statistically landline-skewed polls. When you phone 1000 landlines, you get a poll automatically weighted toward life-style conservative thinking. This is fed back to the electorate in the news, and they believe the skewed figures as though they represent what they themselves 'ought to be thinking'.

    It's impossible to re-order the statistical parameters to account for this skew, conservative values will inhere in a large (though not all, obviously) percentage of respondents, however many cells are used (by teens, college students, eg) otherwise in the household, and the parents are the likely answerers.

    The only valid poll is demographically equalized personal contact, but apparently CTV and the Globe and Mail are satisfied with cheapo substitutes. Which, of course has the automatic benefit of the aforementioned conservative skew.

    • Except that this falls apart from the results of the last few elections, where the tories have polled lowed than the actual results.