The NDP shows off Thomas Mulcair -

The NDP shows off Thomas Mulcair

New ads for the NDP leader


A new ad from the New Democrats.

Et en francais.


The NDP shows off Thomas Mulcair

    • Blaming Quebec corruption on Mulcair takes NDP derangement syndrome to a whole new level. Congrats on that.

      • I never blamed Quebec corruption on a single person, Tom Mulcair. But like Serge Menard and others, Mulcair stayed silent about the firsthand knowledge he had regarding corrupt practices in the province.

        If you’d like to discuss this, let’s do so without deflecting and ascribing psychological syndromes. Let’s stick to the facts of the case as best we can,

    • It is true he did not show god-like levels of self-sacrifice and end his political career in the hope that there was a possibility that some sort of action MIGHT be taken eventually at some point. Instead, he quietly did the right thing and went about his business.

      But right now, he’s looking head and shoulders above the crapweasles we have running the show.

      • Except Mulcair criticized those who didn’t show “god-like levels of self-sacrifice.” This is what Mulcair had to say about a former Quebec MNA, Serge menard, who behaved exactly as he did:

        “But all I can say is, as a citizen, I’m worried with regard to our democratic institutions when someone who went on to become justice minister and public security minister says he didn’t seem to have anything he could do about it and in regard to those institutions I think it’s a serious preoccupation for all of us.” *

        If it worries Mulcair that Serge Menard turned down a bribe** and stayed silent about, and went on to become a Minister in a provincial government, why shouldn’t Canadians have the same concerns about Mulcair becoming prime minister?

        I’m only applying the same standard of ethics to Mulcair that he applied to Menard.



        • yes, you could call him a bit of a hypocrite on that issue.

          I am glad you agree with all my other points.

          • I agree the CPC are morally bankrupt, but I’m not sure that puts an ethical hypocrite head and shoulders above them.

          • then likey you’d be mistaken.

            Of the three, I could see Trudeau and Mulcair acting in much the same way – I doubt they’d take a bribe, I’m not sure how far they’d go to turn someone on “their side” over the issue.

            I could see Harper offering bribes, esp. after this week.

          • Well, we KNOW Mulcair didn’t turn someone on “their side” over the crime of attempted bribery. It’s not a question of what you COULD see or imagine.

          • You could see Harper molesting children and then eating them. You could see Harper vaporizing entire planets from his perch in the Death Star. And so on.

  1. I had no idea he was a hockey coach. I bet if he can work “Well, back when I was coaching kids hockey, one thing I learned was that…” into the debates more than three times, it will be good for 4% or more in the popular vote.

  2. I was never going to be taken by these adverts (strong Liberal preference), but I found them perfectly adequate and quite reasonable. I was curious, though, as to why he emphasised raising his children bilingual in the French ad. Does that have an impact in Quebec?

    I’m also wondering about the timing. I get that the NDP recently suffered a couple of setbacks (Labrador and the BC election), but Ottawa is in a firestorm right now, is this the best time to release these? Maybe they’re trying to be clever with counterprogramming, a bit of positive to contrast against the scandal being played out. Maybe they’re worried the Dauphin is relegating the NDP to an afterthought after the Liberals in the minds of Canadians when they look to an alternative government. Maybe there is a need to improve Mulcair’s favourability numbers and the NDP’s somewhat stagnating poll numbers. Either way, I’ll be interested to see if they can produce an effect with these adverts.