The negotiations (II) -

The negotiations (II)


Liberal house leader Ralph Goodale and justice critic Dominic LeBlanc emerged just now to report on this morning’s discussion amongst parties. Both seemed reasonably confident. Mr. Goodale said the meeting was not confrontational. Mr. LeBlanc said there appeared to be a determination from all parties to find compromise.

The parties will meet again early next week.


The negotiations (II)

  1. I thought that Mr. LeBlanc's comment that the Liberal MPs feel that Parliament should determine aspects of document release and not Frank Iacobucci who reports to and acts for the government. He is not the lawyer for Parliament and as such, his neutrality on the issues could be questioned.

    This could be the sticking point for further negotiations.

  2. Can someone from Maclean's, Mr. Wherry, Coyne or Wells, PLEASE comment on Margaret Wente's article on afghan detainees???

    "That's what Peter Milliken, the Speaker of the House, did the other day. In a statement everyone should welcome, he affirmed that Parliament has a right to uncensored documents about Afghan detainees, *so long as it can figure out a way to protect legitimate national security concerns.* Then he scolded both the government and the opposition for playing politics with the issue. Time to grow up, folks."

    What?? like that was the whole point of the ruling, was if parliament's powers could be limited to protect national security concerns…. and she got it wrong?!?!? It's like she writes articles without looking anything up ever. How can the Globe print this??

    Here's the article:

  3. "It's like she writes articles without looking anything up ever."

    That's long been my sense.

  4. Well, this "both sides won" non sense is all part of the air war. Look for some aggressive push-polling to back up this spin.
    Back on the ground, Ralphie is Pavlovian-ly-playing his part, helping making the Cons look reasonable.

    Iggy should have learned by now. (Remember his reasonable stance on EI and the committee shenanigans that cooked his goose last fall, for example.)

    what a clusterf**k