The negotiator


Romeo Saganash touts his history as a negotiator for Cree communities in Quebec.

“I can do this job and I think in Canada we need a better prime minister than we have right now,” he said.

“Our policies need to meet of course the economic objectives, but also the social and environmental objectives,” he said. The agreements he negotiated with hydro, forestry and other companies as deputy grand chief at the Grand Council of the Crees and as its director of Quebec relations and international affairs met those objectives, he said. “I will try to bring nationally what I did locally in northern Quebec.”

Mr. Saganash also has some thoughts on foreign policy.


The negotiator

  1. I must say I like everything I’ve seen about Romeo Saganash.  Would he be the best to lead the NDP?  I don’t know, but I don’t know that he’s not.

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