The neutered Parliament? -

The neutered Parliament?


At the end of this Globe report on moves toward greater cooperation among parliamentary watchdogs, Pat Martin concedes a rather large point.

NDP MP Pat Martin, who chairs the government operations committee, expressed concern at how some senior officials view the work of the agents. He said the number of agents should be expanded by making the Parliamentary Budget Officer a fully independent agent.

“Let’s face it: Parliament has become less and less effective by design,” he said. “We’ve been neutralized to such a large extent in recent years that, if it wasn’t for officers of Parliament, the taxpayer would have no friends at all.”


The neutered Parliament?

  1. I’m just beginning to lose my patience with the MPs. You CAN get together and take back the control, you know. Yes, yes, you’ll get kicked out of caucus. But what if you get together and all get kicked out at the same time? Mulcair and Rae are going to look pretty foolish, sitting there by themselves, aren’t they? I know it won’t help with the Conservatives–let’s face it, they are simply a hopeless bunch with every ounce of integrity beaten down out of them. Sad, too, because the Michael Chong’s and the Leona Aglukkaq’s had great promise once upon a time. Maybe they would prove me wrong and sit on the Independent benches with everybody else. Not that anyone would actually have to sit on the Independent benches, because Mulcair and Rae aren’t stupid men.