The new Ontario battleground


The proposed riding boundaries for Ontario have been released. Most of the new ridings would be created in and around Toronto: one in Oakville, two in Brampton, one in Mississauga, two in Markham and two in the city of Toronto itself. There is also plenty of smaller adjustments.

The reasons for the proposed changes are offered here.


The new Ontario battleground

  1. Aaron, interesting news and information. Bloody awful headline. Has anyone died in our elections recently? Are you and Macleans interested in civil discourse or bloodshed for headlines? Be part of the solution or we as a society will end up with only one or possible two solutions. Be part of a plural and popular community. This is not a battleground merely the new election districts. Stop the insanity.

    • Yes, Aaron didn’t get the memo than newspapers are a metaphor exclusion zone.

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