The New Strong, Same as the Old Strong


NDP Press release: Layton will stop hidden fees and price-gouging. Among the things he’ll do to help consumers:

– ban ATM fees
– stop price gouging at the gas pumps
– put a cap on interest rates on credit cards
– end the unfair pracitce of chharging more for cell phone text messages.

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The New Strong, Same as the Old Strong

  1. I assume that’s the unfair practice of charging for *incoming* text messages…

  2. No word yet on which army he’ll be using.

  3. Or, we could plan ahead and use our own banks’ ATMs (or get cash back for no fee at most grocery stores, etc..). We could drive less. We could stop running balances on our credit cards (cuz last I checked, we’re not forced to). And we could find a way to survive without text messages (r u voting 4 Jack? ROFL…)

    Congratulations, NDP, you’ve truly made yourselves as useful as a teat on a bull.

  4. I guess Layton wasn’t satisfied at the Tories suggesting that Ontario was the last place anyone would want to do business. Great socialist egalitarian that Jack is, he wants the whole country to share that dishonour.

    Good job, Jack, youz guys go ahead and keep talking…

  5. Whenever I hear this stuff from Layton I get flashbacks to the 1930s (as an aside, I wouldn’t be surprised if the vaunted free market manages to lessen or eliminate ATM fees over the course of the next few years)

  6. bigcitylib: someone has to pay for the infrastructure…

    Sean: I mostly agree, except I find charging for incoming texts a little unfair, especially since you have no control over who can text you (spam especially). It’s like charging for incoming phone calls on a landline. The industry managed without that for decades.

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