The next generation


The Prime Minister’s Office presently includes at least three former members of the student council at the University of Western Ontario and the student newspaper at Western has groomed some of the finest writers in Ottawa (Wells, Feschuk, Delacourt), so not only because student politics are fascinating experiments in democracy is it worth following the Gazette’s exhaustive election blogging. To wit.

The current social science president is the front runner going into the campaign because of his largest faculty on campus base and the lack of another widely-known candidate. His platform will likely be fairly safe — think Mike Tithecott’s last year — which is good for him because it gives us media types less fodder to grill him on. It’s bad for constituents (that’s you!) because they may not see much innovation or challenging ideas put forth, but no one ever remembers the platform anyway, so outside council chambers and the Gazette office the point is moot. Forgione is personable, clean-cut and prepared — at this stage he’s easily the favourite.


The next generation

  1. Cool story bro.

  2. Western.

    Isn't that an omelette?

  3. I think you left someone out of your list of former Gazette writers.

    And by that, I mean Dave Craig AKA Horovitz. I miss those cartoons.

  4. So Early Onset Election Speculation begins even before graduation?

  5. Sounds like a good candidate for the current PMO.

    "Forgione was polished as usual. He didn't make any glaring mistakes but he also didn't take any risks or leave a serious mark. We know that will be what defines him in this race — stay the course and don't sway too far to any side. Just walk the line. It's a campaign-to-win race and Forgione knows that. Until one of the other candidates makes some noise, Forgione is pretty safe staying the course."

    This is the best line.

    "This is politics, after all. Who has ever won an election by being completely genuine?"

  6. Eggzackly

  7. Agreed!

  8. Stuff the Stangs!

  9. Methinks Wherry is being coy…didn't a certain prolific Macleans blogger also get his start at Western?

    (Geez, maybe this U of T grad will have to stop looking down his long nose at Western grads :)

  10. Q: How do you know when somebody went to Western?

    A: They tell you!

  11. As a graduate of UWO's mortal enemy, I swallowed my anger and forced my way through this pro-UWO propaganda piece.

    In all honesty–and as someone who freelanced for a few University publications myself–it gives one hope that the next generation still sees a future in communications and journalism. I hope that they hold their journalistic integrity tightly to their chests as they enter into the wilds of professional writing.

    Speaking of journalistic integrity, why is it that Maclean's has not yet put up a blog entry on one of the most popular stories of the day–Clement's decision that the government would overturn the CRTC decision on Usage-Based Bullying? It's almost as if Maclean's is studiously avoiding writing anything of substance on the subject at all.

  12. I thought UWO's protective coloration meant it had no natural enemies in its native environment.

  13. I think there were a few schools (mine included) who thought they were enemies of UWO, but I'm pretty sure that UWO refused to stoop to such petty comparisons.

    They'd just jump in their daddy's beamer and head on over to the yacht club for a bit of bubbly and some caviar.

  14. The key to success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you've got it made. (citation???)

  15. Goes without saying that Mr. Wherry himself was once the Editor-in-Chief of the venerable Gazette!

  16. Of course we do.

  17. Everyone thinks they are UWO's mortal enemy. We are the New York Yankees of Canadian universities.

  18. U of T just stopped telling everyone how its only competition is Harvard to ask you what you're talking about :)

  19. LOL – true enough.

  20. Actually, I didn't think we had to tell anybody… don't we just exude a natural aura of awesomeness?

  21. They were going to call it the University of Denver Ontario, but that got confusing.

  22. You're exuding something…


  23. Ouch. Ok for a blog article but hopefully some edits this if it's intended for print somewhere.

  24. Above should read "someone". Oh well.

  25. Yep – awesomeness! : )

  26. Everything I needed to know about real politics I learned at the USC. And having Brodie as a professor didn't hurt either.

    But how come Lackner doesn't qualify as one of the finest writers in Ottawa?

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