The opposition’s opportunity


Brian Topp says there’s a chance for a more substantive parliamentary debate—on foreign affairs and the military, no less.

Now that Parliament has a government and an opposition that disagree on issues of substance, you can expect to hear a good deal more about real issues like this in Canadian federal politics – just one example of the many benefits of moving away from elite brokerage politics in our national legislature.


The opposition’s opportunity

  1. A majority govt, and a revitalized opposition could do a lot of things to reposition Canada in the world. My bet is they will instead spend their time on trivia and old issues.

  2. So we get two parties that enjoy being wrong by equal magnitudes, but in opposite directions on every issue? Hooray! Bad government for everybody.

  3. What can the opposition *do*?

  4. Does he mean that his team can yell louder then the other teams?

    Maybe they have thunder sticks.

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