The Pamela Wallin audit -

The Pamela Wallin audit

The Senate releases its report


The report of the Senate’s internal economy committee into the expenses of Pamela Wallin is here and below.

Deloitte’s audit of Senator Wallin’s expenses is here and below.

In short, the audit has identified $121,348 in expenses that must be reimbursed, of which Senator Wallin has already repaid $38,369. Another $20,978 in expenses will be reviewed by the internal economy committee. Senator Wallin’s travel privileges have been restricted and the report will referred to the “proper authorities.”

If you add Senator Wallin’s disputed expenses ($121,348) to the disputed expenses of Senator Mac Harb ($231,649), Senator Patrick Brazeau ($48,744) and Senator Mike Duffy ($90,172), the sum total of this crisis is now $491,913. Senators Harb and Brazeau are contesting the Senate’s findings against their expense claims.


The Pamela Wallin audit

  1. Based on our analysis and assessment, we determined that $ 390,182 of the travel claims during our review period appear to be appropriate in keeping with senate practice. (Item 4.4, Deloitte report)
    This is the real scandal here. Does anyone else find this to be an unusually large amount of money for travel expenses over the past 3-ish years? And it appears to be appropriate in Deloitte’s opinion? If we include the inappropriate expenses, this jumps to just shy of half a million…

    I find it a little difficult to blame Wallin (but just a little!). I actually hold (held?…) her in high regard, and found her to be one of the more professional Tories in Ottawa (which isn’t too difficult to accomplish, next to Duffy and Brazeau and the like). But I honestly believe this is a problem with the current rules and regulations, for allowing such bloated expenses. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and allow that she unintentionally broke the rules, simply because the rules allow just about any amount of crazy travel spending, per-diems, and the like, with seemingly little oversight by an independent body. I’ll also concede that it’s unfair to retroactively apply the rules on some of these expenses, if that’s what Deloitte has done here.

    • You think it’s an unintentional error to claim several consecutive days of per diems while she is in Toronto, where she spends more time than either Ottawa or Saskatchewan, even thought she claims to live in Saskatchewan?

      She was being paid by the Senate, as well as collecting compensation for moonlighting on corporate boards and you accept that it’s a paperwork error that she thinks it’s okay to expense layover days related to her extra-curricular activities to the Senate? Normal people don’t need to read the fine print in the rules to know that’s wrong.

    • “…one of the more professional Tories in Ottawa…”

      I dunno, she seemed to be competing with Duffy for the most stridently partisan Senator. I was disappointed in each of them from the day they took office.

    • She claimed items that were blatantly related to non-Senate business, such as Conservative campaign stops, Porter airline board speeches, and other third party events (which I’d guess she was paid to attend). That’s not very professional, unless you mean professional in the criminal sense.

  2. When does the Duffy audit come out?