The PBO's job description -

The PBO’s job description

Is the PBO supposed to be a discreet consensus-builder?


Bruce Cheadle and Colin Horgan review the discussion around the job description posted for the next parliamentary budget officer. Kathryn May talks to Ian Lee.

But Ian Lee, a professor at Carleton’s Sprott School of Business who has studied the role of the PBO, said the job description is “misleading” and shows the library doesn’t understand the PBO’s role as an independent budget office that does objective analysis and costing.

“The language of job description suggests they’re looking for a labour negotiator or someone to negotiate a peace treaty between warring parties … You don’t negotiate numbers and reach consensus on generally accepted accounting principles. … This is the best evidence yet why the PBO should not be reporting to the library because it reveals an incomprehension of the PBO’s role.”

I asked the Library of Parliament specifically about the reference to “tact and discretion” and was told that “the mandate for the Parliamentary Budget Officer remains the same.  There were no substantive changes to the job description when it was updated.”


The PBO’s job description

  1. I think Library knows exactly what it’s looking for and it is Mr Lee who is revealing an ‘incomprehension of the PBO’s role’.

    Only lightweights go into politics and our MPs can’t seem to walk and chew gum at same time, they are easily confused. Page going on tv claiming different numbers than Finance was discombobulating for our MPs and they need one voice or else they get confused. Whole hiring process shows only lackeys need apply.

  2. Tact and discretion are qualities of leadership. Perhaps we can have that in the job description for hiring our next political representatives in 2015.