The philosophy of mandatory minimums


The Associate Minister of Defence and former Toronto police chief comments on this weekend’s shooting at the Eaton Centre.

“Some of these people obviously need to be taught a lesson,” Mr. Fantino said. “We haven’t been able to effectively get their attention. That’s why some of some of these sentences, severe sentences and mandatory sentences are absolutely critical.”


The philosophy of mandatory minimums

  1. Mmmm…the fact that we’ve been imposing ‘severe and mandatory sentences’ for thousands of years without making a difference or ‘getting their attention’ seems to have escaped him.

  2. The goal should be to prevent these things from happening in the first place. There is absolutely no evidence that mandatory minimums do a damn thing to reduce crime. ‘Cause guess what – criminals never think they are going to get caught.
    But lets not miss an opportunity to cash in on a tragedy for political gain.

  3. Dear Mr. Fantino,

    Go f*ck yourself.


    • Pretty sure the RoC would like to be included in that message.

  4. Really, Mr. Fantino? You really think criminals keep up-to-date with the sentencing provisions in the Criminal Code of Canada? I mean, sure, given your activities, I’m sure you keep a wary eye on them, just in case, but your average un-elected criminals? Probably not so much.

    If you want to get their attention put more video-game rental stores in the malls, and more cops outside of them.

    I don’t think there’s a single would-be criminal out there who has ever thought, “Well, I was going to do that, but damn, with a minimum of a three year sentence, that’s just not worth it.”

    On the other hand, there’s probably plenty who’ve thought, “They’ll never catch me.”

    • Show with certainty that Fantino, a former police chief, is unaware of the law and sentences. As far as I know, there was a minimum sentence to first degree murder before the Conservatives took office.

  5. And is it because of murders in the Eaton Centre that we need to put people in jail for 6 pot plants? Someone correct me, but I don’t think the crime legislation is changing the sentences for murder.

  6. Husbands is charged with first degree murder, so he faces a minimum sentence of imprisonment for life.
    Is Fantino suggesting that Husbands should have been given a more severe sentence for some earlier crime?

    • You are generous with your interpretations.

      • I prefer the term Liberal.

    • Fantino is an idiot. That is all you need to gather from his comment.

    • Came out today that Husbands was under house arrest for a previous crime.
      Maybe Fantino had the scoop after all.

      • There is some indication house arrest could be strengthened and better monitored. too bad they didn’t go with that instead of mandatory minimums.

        • Agreed.

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