The plan for Friday's meeting -

The plan for Friday’s meeting


The itinerary for Friday’s meeting between the Harper government and aboriginal leaders at the Langevin Block (the building across from Parliament Hill that houses the Prime Minister’s Office).

1pm: Opening session with remarks from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and National Chief Shawn Atleo

1:30pm-4:00pm: Plenary session to discuss the treaty relationship and aboriginal rights, and economic development. Chairs: John Duncan, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development; Perry Bellegarde, Regional Chief; Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board; and Jody Wilson-Raybould, Regional Chief

4:00pm-5:00pm: Prime Minister Stephen Harper and National Chief Shawn Atleo will engage in a dialogue with the Chairs about the outcomes of the plenary session

The proceedings apparently won’t be televised and the Prime Minister won’t be taking questions from reporters afterwards. As noted, a ceremonial meeting with the Governor General is expected to occur at Rideau Hall after the meetings at Langevin.

Tonight, at Stornoway, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is meeting with 20 First Nations chiefs, including Shawn Atleo.


The plan for Friday’s meeting

  1. A meeting to agree on future meetings?

  2. Just a bit of friendly advise in the seating arrangements. They might not want to sit Chief Spence and min Duncan next to each other…she might eat him.

  3. Sounds all nice and polite….tea and cucumber sandwiches and all.

    Probably won’t be.

    • Only in your world, dearie.

      • I have no idea what that means.

        • That’s because you have very few ideas to begin with.

  4. I suspect there will be a lot of pressure from Atleo and the other Chiefs to keep Spence away from the meeting, or at least in the background ( maybe in the kitchen ).
    Her sporadic presence over the past few weeks has diluted the general quality of the Native leadership. There are many capable aboriginal leaders who are being unfairly painted with the same incompetent brush as Spence.
    Who knows—she will probably refuse to attend even the ceremonial meeting because Johnston won`t wear the traditional garb.

    This may be a specific request that is not appropriate at a general meeting like this but I would have one wish as far as the education of future Native leaders—Unlimited Education funding should be supplied to bands for basic accounting and budget procedures.

      • The same Manitoba Chiefs who are no longer requesting but demanding. The same Manitoba Chiefs who are threatening to bring Canada to its economic knees? That winner?

        • The same Manitoba Chiefs who are threatening to bring Canada to its economic knees?

          A little over the top maybe?

          • Those were the words of the Manitoba Chiefs.

          • A little over the top maybe?

    • Who does Chief Spence think she is? What gives her the sense she is in a position to demand anything? Are we loosing our collective marbles here?

      • Perhaps you’re “loosing” your marbles here.

  5. Don’t worry too much about Friday’s meeting; Mulcair will have his meeting with the FN Chiefs first. And so the process begins to undermine everything PM Harper and his government is trying to achieve. Good going Canada. What a farce!

    • Glad you’re not there to orchestrate events.

    • Success: Harper credit
      Failure: Mulcair blame.

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