The post-fight interviews


Peter Van Loan claims his government colleagues were concerned for his safety yesterday and that it was Mr. Mulcair’s response that “made this into a story.” Nathan Cullen, in a subsequent interview with Canada AM, says Mr. Van Loan is a bully trying to play the victim.


The post-fight interviews

  1. Our MPs are perfumed ladyboys if that can be described as fight – a few swear words and stinkeyes do not deserve ‘post fight analysis’.

  2. What Van Loan fails to mention is that their concern stemmed from him going down on his knees. They thought he might have a heart attack if he tried to stand again on his own.

  3. Peter Van Loan claims his government colleagues were concerned for his safety yesterday

    What? They’re putting him on a diet? Getting him to exercise?

    Surely it wasn’t that last Hostess Twinkie pack on Mulcair’s desk that caused Van Loan’s movement.

    • I’m hoping this is evidence of great minds thinking alike, not fools seldom differing. :)

  4. Van Loan crossed the floor. Whack him.

  5. What is lower than a bully trying to play the victim?

  6. Nice spin. Concerned for his safety? Really? If someone were to come at me waving his finger at me like that at the office, I’d be concerned for my safety. Nice try.

  7. All you need to do is run the tape. Who crossed the floor?

  8. Actually Van Loan NEVER used the word “safety” this was selectively applied by the Aaron Wheery media filter. What Van Loan actually said is…

    “The reason why the folks on my side got involved — and it looked like more than it was on television — was they were quite surprised by the lunge Mr. Mulcair took and the explosion … They were concerned for my well-being. I think I would have been fine, but that’s what happened.” – Peter Van Loan’s comments as reported by CTV

    Being concerned for a colleague’s “well being” can extend in many different ways then concern over personal safety. Next thing you know selective media shills we be suggesting that this bun fight nearly came to fisticuffs or some other media manufactured escalation that misrepresents what can be clearly seen really occurred in the video.

    Even in boxing circles the practice of dropping to one’s knees is universally recognized as act to NOT engage in physical aggression. Funny how some media leave that part out of the headlines…..

    • LOL.. splitting synonyms pretty damned finely to keep your “the media’s biased!” hat on there, aren’t you?

      • Surprised ole Billy boy didn’t object to that rather prominent and garishly red “claims” AW put up there. Must be off his game today.

      • Splitting synonyms? Oh please what next are you going to suggest that “well being” and “safety” now share the same dictionary definition as well? It is utterly amazing to me that some of you are so blatantly biased you will turn a blind eye to media misquoting even when it can be factually verified.

        I mean seriously would it really have been an insurmountable obstacle for Wherry to accurately report on the comments by using the word “well being” instead of inserting his own Wherry filtered term of “safety” ? is this really to big of an expectation ? Seriously should all media just make up their own words when quoting someone? Apparently some of you think so as long as it fits your own political persuasion.

        • I’m saying whether well-being or safety is used in this context makes absolutely no difference. Both are implying a threat by the opposition which wasn’t there. Both are equally misleading, and you’re just trying to hide the issue that he’s attempting to get the blame for his own actions off of his shoulders.

    • Just admit Van Loan made an ass of himself and had to be saved from making even more of an ass f himself by Peter MacKay. That is what the video shows.

      • In the other thread I did indeed point out that I thought Van Loan handled this poorly and crossed the line.(literally)

        • Then stop blaming the media for covering what he he did yesterday.

  9. VL just can’t leave the partisan politics aside, can he. Not content with looking like a sore winner he’s got [or was told] to spin this out as being about Mulcair’s temper. I suppose that’s fine since Mulcair did apprently snap. But any fool can see that was justified after VL came charging across the floor. Leave it there – blame on both sides? No siree…gotta spin it out that he “felt concerned for his well being” [ which in this context, according to our resident troll Bill could mean…well, anything, but safety] and boy isn’t that LLO a flake…and a bully! Are you watching media!!
    If you look at the end of the tape you can clearly see Van Loon trying to get back in there…guess he got over feeling “concerned”.
    Be interesting to see what Dewar said that made him so unhinged though.

    Politics all the way through. VL’s a poster boy for what’s wrong with this Harper govt.

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