The Privy Council Office finds Benjamin Perrin's emails -

The Privy Council Office finds Benjamin Perrin’s emails

Legal counsel’s records were thought to have been deleted


In its filing on the Duffy-Wright affair of a week and a half ago, the RCMP reported that the emails of Benjamin Perrin, legal counsel to the Prime Minister’s Office, had been deleted upon his departure from the PMO.

But in a note to the press gallery this evening, the PMO passes along this letter from the PCO to the RCMP, which explains that the email records of Mr. Perrin still exist. In the letter, the assistant secretary to the cabinet explains that the emails were discovered to still exist on November 29—the records had apparently been retained as part of a separate matter—and that the PMO’s current counsel will be contacting the RCMP to make the emails available “without further delay.”


The Privy Council Office finds Benjamin Perrin’s emails

  1. The emails had to get the ” good to go ” from harper first.

    • I suspect the prospect of RCMP officers being seen/video taped going into the PMO was the real reason for the emergence of the emails.

      A shame though, would have made an outstanding political ad.

  2. Right beside the shredder.

    • I owe you an apology for my snid remark(spare)(spar) last week fred talk. that will never happen again. I hope you accept.

      • It is I who apologize, rc. I really enjoy your posts! And that was really a good smackdown you responded with, which would have been entirely appropriate if I had actually been played the a**hole pedant (as I sometimes do with the other side).

        • thank you

  3. “…the emails were discovered to still exist …”

    Along with the missing 3 billion we discovered under the floor boards…oopsie!

      • So we can also expect to never again hear about the Liberal HRSDC “boondoggle” from Conservatives?

      • “Stephen Harper responded that Michael Ferguson, the Auditor-General, had not suggested any improper use of government money — rather there was a problem of categorization and reporting of spending between departments. “There is some lack of clarity,” he said, to open laughter in the House of Commons from the opposition”

        Funny, I remember the rage and accusations from the right when Attawapiskat found itself in *exactly* the same situation.

      • Way ahead of you Ricky. I was alluding to that convenient find. That you didn’t get the sarcasm should shock no one.

  4. Was the former counsel Dewey, Cheatem and Howe? A Sunday night release – are they trying to get ahead of something tomorrow? Fingers crossed…

  5. Interesting. These emails were requested months ago but someone happened to find them on a Saturday right after the RCMP get a subpoena for the computer Servers? What? Was some analyst from the PCO working on the weekend and stumbled on the records…..oh here it is, he says. I thought they were deleted! Isn’t it lucky I happened to be working on the weekend. Who would have thought to look on the servers for emails!

    • If only computers had some sort of file searching ability built into them. Somebody should invent it. I’d pay for that kind of function…

  6. Shades of Grewal.

    • Or Rob Ford – ‘yes I smoke crack, you just didn’t ask the right question’.

  7. If this keeps up, Steve will be going on tour with Nickleback.

    Sing harder, dammit!

  8. “Oh, oh — you wanted THOSE emails from Ben Perrin!” — it’s like a Monty Python skit.

    • Still having tea with your buddies here, day in, day out,bashing Harper? What an interesting life you must lead. Must be Harper’s fault, too, eh!

      Too funny!

      • You seem to spend an inordinate amount of time here yourownself. How interesting is your life, in comparison?

  9. The Ministry of Truthiness new rules , hire the lawyers then find the e-mails !

  10. From the letter: “It is the operating protocol of the PCO to close and delete emails of departing employees…”

    That simply makes no sense. Why does such a protocol exist?

    Also, what the hell kind of circus are they running where – if we’re to take their word – Perrin’s emails were indeed retained due to litigation, yet it took months to “discover” them?!? A quickly jotted global email to all staff saying: “Hi folks! By any chance have one of you stored Perrin’s email files for any reason? The RCMP would like to see them, so please let us know ASAP…” would have taken care of it, no?

  11. “Ohhh . . the E-MAILS!!! We thought you were asking for the Eame Ales! Dang, sorry about that, sure, here they are . . . “

  12. Can we be sure, after such a delay, that they haven’t been meticulously combed through and any potentially harmful emails surreptitiously removed? (The claim, if such deletions were discovered, would be they weren’t retained as they weren’t pertinient to the “separate matter” in question.)

    • Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. I believe Wallin was caught out altering her calendar entries “to make it more helpful for investigators”. That said, I expect the RCMP could subpeona the email server records, which I think (and correct me if I’m wrong, anyone) would at least illuminate if the provided records did not match the number of incoming and outgoing messages. But that said, I still hold out hope that no one in the PMO would resort to such obstruction of an investigation (and I’m not being sarcastic here – I would be somewhat heartened to learn that PMO depravity had some level of moral bottom line.)

  13. I can’t help but note the largely absent flurry from pro-Harper attack dogs here. Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope that the common sense and decency of even the most rabid partisan cannot be pushed too far.

  14. I have questions. 1. Was the point of the ITO which divulged all this information to get a subpoena for PMO, PCO, or Perrin computers and servers? 2. What is this ‘separate matter’ litigation? Because, if emails of employees who cease to work there are immediately deleted by protocol (please name one company that would do that) is the litigation a case of PMO or PCO suing Perrin?