The problem with mittens -

The problem with mittens


The Prime Minister tries on the latest in Olympic handwear.

Speaking to reporters assembled in his Victoria office, Campbell held his thumbs up while wearing the red Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens. “I like the thumbs up,” Campbell said, with Harper at his side holding an Olympic torch.

“You can’t put anything up but the thumb,” replied Harper.

“He can’t give you the finger in those things,” he added, chuckling at the reporters in the room.

The Tyee notes there was some initial confusion as to exactly which pronoun the Prime Minister had employed.


The problem with mittens

  1. Not to be tiresome, but you can give people the finger with mittens on, they just can't tell you're doing it. Quite convenient, actually.

    • Of course the boss tends to ask what in the sam hill I'm doing wearing mittens during my employee evaluation, but I cross that bridge when I come to it.

  2. [Note: There was discussion among reporters whether Harper said "I can't give you the finger" or "You can't give me the finger" or "He can't give you the finger." After review of video from The Canadian Press, we agreed it was the latter.]

    Glad to see those reporters are hard at work covering the important issues of the day.

  3. Harper just can't help himself – innuendos and partisanship everywhere and anywhere.

    I've totally lost interest in the Olympics – with Harper's partisanship (athletes don't count) and CTV staff relatives getting the carrying of the torch stuff.

  4. Send it to failblog with the tag: Preposition Fail.

    This is something up with which we should not put.

  5. Sure hope he can think of something a little less stupid to say when he does his ceremonial duties at the Opening Ceremony.

    • He'll probably attack Iggy or something. As I said, I won't be watching. I've totally lost interest.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks those mittens look like Oven Mitts? World Class Oven Mitts, sure, but still… OVEN MITTS??!!