The “process” continues


The latest news on the Khadr front from Canwest.

The high-profile U.S. military lawyer representing Canadian-born terror suspect Omar Khadr has been fired from the case after accusing his boss of a conflict of interest, Canwest News has learned.

U.S. navy Lieutenant-Commander. Bill Kuebler got his marching orders from air force Col. Peter Masciola, who has headed Guantanamo military defence lawyers since last fall.

Lt.-Cmdr. Kuebler had said publicly Col. Masciola was involved in bureaucratic manoeuvring that was allegedly detrimental to Mr. Khadr’s case, then went over the colonel’s head to ask for a new supervisor.

But firing Lt.-Cmdr. Kuebler could spark a diplomatic row between the United States and Canada because Ottawa is on record as saying Mr. Khadr, 22, must be guaranteed counsel of his choice, among other minimal protections.


The “process” continues

  1. I predicted that Kuebler would be fired months ago. My guess is that Kuebler’s most serious transgression was not bureaucratic manoeuvring, but political interference in Canadian affairs (Kuebler’s efforts with Canada’s opposition parties.)

  2. You feel Canada’s new government will suddenly decide that now is when they must keep their word?

    • Awww man are they still new? I cant wait until they are Canada’s Old Government!

      • We await the Solomonic wisdom of Admiral Hornblower.

  3. Kuebler got exactly what he deserved…He was told innumerable times by his superior officers to STOP trying Khadr’s case in the media.His Commanding officer even had the temerity to suggest that Kuebler prepare for trial in the American court system…What NERVE!! KUEBLER expected that the Canadian populace would DEMAND that KHADR be repatriated…but that course of action failed miserably His defence strategy then consisted of press releases , apppearances on news shows all with the same pollyanic purpose ..to wit…Getting the Canadian government to ask for the repatriation of the terrorist KHADR..Kuebler knew that any trial would find his client guilty on ALL charges(There is enough direct evidence..eyewitness accounts,videotapes that show his client’s guilt..) Now will Khadr’s trial be further delayed?…It’s a good bet it will… And the law society of B.C. has just awarded Kuebler a great honor for sticking it to the Americans (I’m paraphrasing here!)…Khadr isn’t going anywhere soon .He should just sit tight …and get used to the inside of an American jail cell and prepare to greet the next court appointed shyster…

    • Well that’s the whole problem with this joke of a process at Guantanmo, isn’t it flipper? That Khadr’s lawyer doesn’t answer to Khardr, he answers to “superior officers?” That doesn’t meet either international or American standards of justice because he ought to, and obviously doesn’t, have the right to retain AND INSTRUCT counsel.

  4. Why don’t we simply let Macleans try Khadr? With Amiel, Steyn, and Coyne on the jury, presenting evidence would be irrelevant. It would only take a second or two, start to finish.

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