The QP 20 -

The QP 20


Michael Chong’s motion on Question Period reform is seconded by no less than 20 MPs. Those seconders include 14 Conservatives (Mike Allen, Dona Cadman, Maxime Bernier, Larry Miller, Gord Brown, Nina Grewal, James Rajotte, John Cummins, Peter Braid, Rick Casson, Greg Thompson, Merv Tweed, Brian Storseth and Bruce Stanton), four Liberals (Frank Valeriote, Martha Hall Findlay, Glen Pearson and Siobhan Coady) and two New Democrats (Denise Savoie and Brian Masse).


The QP 20

  1. Baird must have been away that day and missed his chance to second.

  2. LOL, the QP20.

    We don't have to provide security for them, do we?

    'Cause I'd be willing to bet that'd cost us at LEAST $500 million. More if we want to keep them secure for more than 3 days.

    • Clearly not taking your statement in the humour it was intended, but: With one exception (Bernier) these 20 strike me as being among a cadre of more unassuming MPs in the house. I doubt most of us would recognize them in a crowd.

      • I totally agree with that. I just couldn't resist the QP20/G20 parallel.

    • We just have to feed the other 288 to prevent their demise.

    • When I saw the QP20, I couldn't help but think of the union CUPE. Alas, there is no CUPE Local 20 according to a quick google search.

  3. What, no Mark Holland?

    No Pat Martin?

  4. If this goes through, we might actually have to have cabinet ministers who manage their department's affairs, instead of a royal court that just exclaims on the high quality of Emperor Harper's clothes, while our Dear Leader and his unelected inner-sanctum make all the decisions. Are Canadians ready for a return to actual parliamentary democracy? Will we survive without our steadfast belief that only One Man in all of Canada has all the answers?

    • Is there a steadfast belief out there that "One Man in all of Canada has all the answers"???

      'Cause I was under the impression that when looking to our elected leaders the general consensus was that none of them had any answers. Or, at the very least, that the answers that they do have have a shelf life of about 48 hours.

  5. I'm surprised, a bit, by the imbalance between parties. I would have thought that the Tories would stay out of this, and the opposition would wholeheartedly endorse it. But maybe by pretending they don't care much, they hope to trick the PMO into allowing it to pass? Hmmm.

    • Well, for what it's worth, a number of those Tories listed (though not all) are fairly independent-minded types (e.g., Dona Cadman, James Rajotte, John Cummins) and also come from the old Reform wing of the party that — way back in the sands of time — was actually interested in, umm, reforming stuff.

      As for Nina Grewal, I'm just encouraged to see her taking a stand on something that I agree with and think is right.

  6. No BLOC members?

  7. If these people are so serious about this private member's bill, why don't they act in such a manner to start with instead of being putty to the party line, reading those endless member's comments before QP and those prepped responses to all queries?