The Quebec appeal


Michael Ignatieff always has two speeches, the one in the prepared text and the one he delivers (while only periodically checking with his prepared text). The text for today’s speech is here. A recording is below. Compare and contrast at your leisure.

These remarks are accompanied by a new spot for the Quebec audience.


The Quebec appeal

  1. He must drive his speech-writer crazy. I've written speaking notes for both types of speakers; I have the most respect for the speaker who can parse the given messaging into his or her own words and I also respect the person who understands their limitations and sticks to the written material. I have no respect for the speaker who ignores the speaking notes and develops policy off the cuff.

    Since I can't access sound on this computer, I'll second Wherry's call for someone to spell out the main differences. Which of those three types of speakers is Iggy?

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