The Queen sends her regards -

The Queen sends her regards


Buckingham Palace won’t be getting involved in the matter of Theresa Spence’s hunger strike.

In a letter dated Jan. 7, obtained by The Canadian Press, Buckingham Palace tells a supporter of Spence that the chief should deal instead with the federal cabinet. “This is not a matter in which The Queen would intervene,” says the letter. “As a constitutional Sovereign, Her Majesty acts through her personal representative, the Governor General, on the advice of her Canadian Ministers and, therefore, it is to them that your appeal should be directed.”

The letter also says the Queen understands the concerns about the welfare of Spence, who is now well into her sixth week of protest, surviving on fish broth and tea. “Her Majesty has taken careful note of the concern you express for the welfare of Attawapiskat First Nations Chief Theresa Spence who is currently on a politically motivated hunger strike in Canada.”

Here again is Emmett Macfarlane’s take on the request that the Governor General be involved. And here is the unofficial explanation from the government as to why the Governor General wasn’t present at the meeting between the Prime Minister and First Nations leaders.


The Queen sends her regards

  1. ‘Her Majesty acts through her personal representative, the Governor General’

    Which is why they want the GG present to formally represent the Crown.

    • You can’t always get what you want….

      • Well then, they’ll shut the country down. Enjoy.

        • Yes, that will be bound to increase their support exponentially. And I’m sure that anybody who has a problem with them shutting the country down will just stand back passively and do and say nothing about it.

          • Oh did you think this was a popularity contest?

            And are you ‘inciting to riot’ by any chance? Cuz that’s illegal, Bean

          • Whatever, drama queen.
            Your knowledge of the law of incitement is not particularly sound, based on your post. Then again, your knowledge of many things is not particularly sound.

          • Against the law dude….get over it.

          • I’d say your comment about shutting the country down is at least as much “inciting to riot” as Bean’s.

            You know you’ve said something really dumb when it means I’m forced to side with Bean.

          • No kidding! Emily sounds like she wants it happen.

          • Does the magic work the other way as well?

            If we don’t talk about a situation, does it just go away?

            Isn’t that what we’ve been trying with FN for a couple of centuries?

            Has it worked?

          • I am not the one accusing people of inciting riots while I foretell of gloom and doom should the PM not allow himself to be blackmailed.

          • Doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t… doesn’t cause the other.

    • Yes Emily it also says that the Queen acts “on the advice of her ministers”. You have maintained that it is the Queen advising the ministers and not the other way around. It would appear YOU ARE WRONG on this point. So you see, the Queen and her personal representative intend to act on the advice of “her ministers” and won’t be making any deals on their own. Therefore, there is no reason for the GG to be with the PM in the same room during working meetings. In fact Mr. MacFarlane and Chief Coon Come are right. It would send a mistaken message to the chiefs that that the GG is willing to make deals when he has no intention of ever doing so. It has just been confirmed by the Queen herself.

      • Yes, she does. But the GG represents her in Canada.

        Same thing as I’ve said many times before.

        It is the symbolism of the ‘Crown’ meeing the ‘FN’….leader to leader, nation to nation that the natives want.

        The part about the GG being involved in a working meeting, or making deals on his own was purely your invention. I doubt he knows enough about the FN to say anything other than what he is told.

        The Queen might instruct him…..and she might well instruct her ministers as well….because that ‘advise’ thingy goes both ways.

        The Queen has more powers than you’re apparently aware of…..and the GG acts in her name in Canada.

        • “The Queen has more powers than you’re apparently aware of…”
          Having the powers and USING the powers are two different things. YOU seem hellbent on over-looking the fact that during her 60 year reign she has NEVER used the powers. Further, she just established in this letter that she had no intention of using the powers in this instance. How much clearer could it be to you, Theresa Spence and the other chiefs who are out there wanting the GG to appear in a meeting with the PM?

          • Yes she uses the powers…makes a point of it in fact. Just as she has done in this case.

            Stop getting your info from movies.

          • Perhaps you can point out a time when she used those powers.

          • That story explicitly states “The Palace said today that Royals only use their veto if they are advised to by cabinet members or civil servants” and “The sovereign has not refused to consent to any bill affecting crown interests unless advised to do so by ministers”.

            Given that this argument is about whether or not the Queen follows the advise of her ministers, it seems terribly odd to me that your example of HM using one of her great powers is that of HM exercising this power EXCLUSIVELY WHEN HER MINISTERS ADVISE HER TO.

          • Well MInister X, I expect you’re going to advise me to…….

            Yes your majesty.

          • Well, if her Majesty is actually secretly strong-arming elected representatives into doing her bidding from behind closed doors (which I don’t buy for a SECOND) then may I perhaps humbly suggest that getting the Queen to PUBLICLY strong-arm our elected representatives on behalf of “cause X” is not the best strategy for garnering the support of the voting public for “cause X”.

            It is, however, an excellent strategy if one wants to garner public support for Republicanism.

          • LOL strong-arming never comes into it. If her maj even jokingly suggested she’d appreciate a teensy bit of ‘advice’ from you, you’d fall all over yourself to do it! So would everyone else.

            Or, she consults no one….but SAYS she’s been advised….

            Brits…and Canucks for that matter….wouldn’t switch to a republic because the Queen did that…..they’d be thrilled to have someone…especially with her experience….take charge and get something done. Hell there are people who believe there is blue blood and actual ‘royalty’….chosen by God, and all that.

            Chuck in the meantime is busy writing letters to everyone in cabinet and demanding that action be taken…..and the answer always is…yes sir.

          • Emily. did you stand in front of the mirror when you had that little conversation with yourself?

            Here’s a collection of fake crown jewels. It’ll be more realistic for you if you dress up like Queen before you start.


  2. Theresa Spence is a mother of 5 daughters; and likely someday a grandmother. Why would she give that away and cause her children unimaginable pain. For their sake alone, she should stop this madness. Why is INM or her band not insisting she stop? Where is the honour in letting a sister die when you know deep down her suicide will NOT strengthen your cause ~ it will taint it ~ because you all stood by and let it happen? It will be blood on everyone’s hands. There is no moral victory by suicide. For God’s sake, someone take charge.

    • Then their grandmother may become legend….and they will be very proud of her.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t agree, Emily. History (native or otherwise) will not be kind to Chief Spence. Your response is disconcerting.

        • Sorry, she’ll be seen like Rosa Parks.

          • You are delusional. Rosa Parks is a hero among heroes in the civil rights movement. Her decision to stand her ground that one day in December 1955 on that Montgomery bus way was spontaneous and unpre-meditated. An act of courage ~ it ignited a movement like no other. Rosa Parks is a legend borne of dignity and a strong sense of justice and a respect for her people. There was purity in Park’s actions.
            Considering the information surrounding Spence and her deliberate silence on her reserve’s funding/transparency, there is no comparison, It raises the question, IS THIS WHAT SPENCE’s HUNGER STRIKE IS REALLY ABOUT?

          • I lived through that era, and Rosa Parks [whose act wasn’t remotely spontaneous, but well-planned] and MLK were talked about exactly the same way you Cons are talking about Spence and natives in general…right down to the money.

          • Oh, seems like I hit a nerve! Now you’re calling me a bigot? I am native, have experienced the dark side racism, hiding behind my mother’s skirts as she was pelted with stones when she used a farmer’s well ~ but then again my ancestry or political leanings should be of no interest to you since you are all about tolerance and inclusiveness, right? I’ve read your musings and you twist the truth to meet your argument, preferring not to look into the darkness, even when there is undeniable facts regarding corruption among your own…be it native or non-native. Don’t think for a minute you, INM or Spence have the monopoly on truth or live any more righteously than the rest of us, EmilyOne. We share this planet together. Get used to it. As for Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King….those are individuals I respect; I don’t respect the treachery I see unfolding in the INM movement.

          • Oh don’t be telling me how native you are….jeebus…[rolls eyes]

            Old gimmick, and I’m not buying, ….go away before ‘I’ pelt you with stones. LOL

          • Well, the good news was my mother stood up to that hillbilly. Those who know this story will know my mother and know me. Let’s hope our paths cross one day.

          • Our paths will never cross.

  3. I’m sure that all the INM supporters are just crushed that the Queen didn’t decide to single-handedly come to Canada and tear up our constitution. They think democracy is for suckers.