The quiet cuts


Last week, Environment Canada declared 60 scientists and researchers to be surplus.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will apparently eliminate about 200 jobs that were originally added after the listeriosis outbreak in 2008.


The quiet cuts

  1. Ah yes, more false economies that will harm us in the end.

  2. Because that “Death by a thousand cold cuts” joke was so funny last time.

  3. Ethical Listeriosis. Ethical Pollution. Ethical Destruction.

  4. The cons made the EnviroCan positions “surplus” a long time ago.

    Ps. You killed it on QP yesterday.  Really hope you become a regular.

  5. Only governments who base their decisions on “evidence-based policy” need researchers. For the Cons, “common sense”, superstition and ideology work fine and cost less.

    • Regardless of who holds government, bureaucrats provide advice; they do not have a freehand in writing policy.  If the government of the day doesn’t like/agree with the recommendations provided (or find themselves dealing with a hostile department), they are free to write policy outside the dept.  The cons have a very different approach to the bureaucracy and there are a lot of people in Ottawa who don’t like it.

      • I don’t disagree but, IMO, your assessment in no way contradicts mine.

  6. Godurn scientists. Lay em all off. They oughta go out west and train thurselves up to be zuper tanker capt’ns and such like – wastin there time and ourn on climaticky change – any darn fool noses the climat is a chngin all da time – durn foolishness if’n you was ta ast me.

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