The quiet cuts -

The quiet cuts


Parks Canada will cut jobs and privatize some operations. Librarians will lose their jobs. Foreign aid for a dozen of the world’s poorest nations will be slashed. Defence staff who deal with suicide prevention and post-traumatic stress disorder will also be let go.

They have been told that the DND’s Deployment Health Section is being shut down, cutting four jobs, including those of suicide prevention specialists. The employees also monitor PTSD rates and traumatic brain injury.

Eight of the 18 jobs in DND’s epidemiology section also will be cut. Those include epidemiologists and researchers who analyze mental health issues such as depression, PTSD, and suicide. The unions say a trial program on injury prevention at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier also will be closed because of the budget cuts.


The quiet cuts

  1. Well Mulcair could lead the Opposition out of the chamber….and stay out. Let the bells ring all they want.

    The Opposition hasn’t enough votes to stop this, but they can refuse to participate.

    • Damn right they can. Let’s see if they have the balls to do it! They better do it soon or Andrew Coynes is going to take a flame thrower to the place.

    • Which would do.. what? CPC would then just use that in advertisements to say “The NDP didn’t vote against this budget they are claiming hurt Canadians. They couldn’t even be bothered to show up for work. If they really believed it was wrong, they would have voted against it. That they were unwilling to shows they know it’s a good budget, they just didn’t want to admit it.”

      • And the counter to that is….’this budget won’t help the economy, it will in fact damage it…..and it’s certainly harming Canadians… if the govt wants to continue with this insanity, they’ll have to do it without our help….because we refuse to give it.’

        • Which they could do just as easily by VOTING AGAINST IT. And then they’d actually be doing their jobs at the same time. Holy. There’s a thought.

          • Well, if you keep doing the same useless thing over and over again, you’ll get the same useless result.

          • Yes, but shooting yourself in the foot simply because it’s something different is moronic.

          • It would draw the attention of the country to the problems with the budget, and make their judgement clear….which would gain them support

            That’s hardly shooting yourself in the foot.

          • Perhaps you’ve heard of 2008?

          • MmmHmmm….4 years ago.

          • In a majority parliament the opposition parties voting against the budget is pretty much a wasted effort. It’s time for the opposition to take some steps to mobilize the increasing number of Cdns who are disturbed by this budget bill.

  2. “The private sector has a greater capacity to respond to the demands of the tourism market and is in the best position to enhance the quality of hot springs facilities, operations and marketing,” Thiessen said
    And the parks will receive the lions share of the profits in order to help carry out their core responsibilities, right?
    If you want an example of how corrupt and sleazy this can get, consider what happened in Jasper. Somehow [ quite a while ago now] the Mayor’s brother[??] obtained the right to open up a teashop or something at Maligne Canyon. Apparently they carried out some expansion work without the parks approval [believe the drilled for water??] and the upshot is they did some damage to the water table.
    Far as i know the operator got a slap on the wrist – he was related to the mayor after all.
    This is just pathetic. I’ve often wondered what Banff and Jasper would have wond up looking like had not the federal govt retained final say – not Alberta – guess we are about to find out.
    What’s next. A parking franchise overlooking lake louise? This has long been a neo business crowds dream – unfettered acess to the jewells of our national parks. Hot dog for you go up the mountain anyone? Why not take the Enbridge gondola up instead, to view the pipeline.

  3. Instead of just walking out, the Opposition should walk out in a body and go to the Governor-General’s office en masse, stating that this Parliament has become dysfunctional. Even if the G-G doesn’t act (through choice or lack of authority) to bring down Parliament, it will focus attention – the entire country will know about it.

    • Okay, that’s a more reasonable suggestion.
      Not much of one, because even trips to the GG are pretty much inside baseball to most Canadians. Yeah, Canadians will know about it, but I can tell you right now, most of the people who voted CPC last time would see it “as just another publicity stunt” and drop their estimation of the party even further.

      Problem is, because of the FPTP system, we need to actually win some of those people away from the CPC. Not entrench them further.

      • Yes, this action won’t do much to woo the CPC base, but it could make some headway with those who aren’t consistent Con supporters. From my reading of online comments, there seem to be a growing number of people who are opposed to or at least concerned about the budget bill.