The quiet cuts


The RCMP will close forensic labs in Halifax, Winnipeg and Regina. The consulate in Buffalo will be closed. The British Columbia government is unhappy with the planned closure of a Canadian Coast Guard station in Kitsilano. And a team of pollution monitors will be cut.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Budget Officer continues his quest for greater clarity.

Late last week, the government sent parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page a letter refusing to release details of budget cuts. Page said the letter, which his office will publish online today, cites privacy provisions in union contracts to say details cannot be released until long after the budget has been voted on.

Page said those same unions have told him they have no problem with details of cuts being released as long as individuals are not named. Page is now working on a public response letter. “My view is that parliamentarians absolutely need this information sooner rather than later,” Page said Monday in an interview with The Chronicle Herald. “It’s just not right for public servants or even the government to say ‘We can’t give it to you.’”

Mr. Page reports that if include planned cuts from 2010 to the present, the Harper government is reducing spending by $10.8 billion and eliminating 26,800 jobs.

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The quiet cuts

  1. Shutting down the forensic labs would not quite seem to square with the tough on crime agenda. After all, the falling rates of murder and violent crime are only illusory.

    • Who needs evidence, when you know in your heart they’re guilty. These are just thug-hugging scientists and their bureaucratic red tape, working for the criminals and not the people!

  2. …and of course, the lone lab east of Ottawa is one of the ones being chopped. Once again the CPC demonstrates jobs follow CPC votes.

    Harper seems quite set on maintaining – and increasing – the East vs West mentality of this country (and particularly of his party and its supporters).

    • I wonder if the martiimes will see big cuts for three years followed by 18 months of spending that will make tony clement’s G20gate seem like pocket change?

      • Don’t know about the spending, but the cuts are across the board… Search & Rescue; Fisheries… you name a federal department and you can bet it’s being slashed or moved out – of NL in particular.

    • Interesting. But, assuming mtl_bcer is correct more than GFMD above, what that also says is crimes are committed by Conservatives, since bastians of non-Conservativeness have no need of solving crimes.

      • The CPC bastions probably also have more unregistered long guns per capita (so more need for extensive forensic work), and the maritimes an aging population (less likely to commit violent crime), so, yeah: the strong CPC demographic correlates with higher rates of criminal activity. Glad I live in a non-CPC district.

  3. 10.8 billion is $300 per Canadian per year. Or $500 per taxpayer. Or $900 per household. Well worth it.

    • Yup. Absolutely worth it that people processing evidence are fired so that more criminals are able to walk around longer before we can figure out who they are.