The quiet cuts


VIA Rail will layoff approximately nine percent of its workforce and reduce service.

Trip frequencies are being cut on some of big routes, including the Montreal to Halifax line — “The Ocean” — which will be cut to three from six round trips a week.

In the West, “The Canadian” — Via’s only Toronto to Vancouver route — will be reduced to two from three round trips a week in the off-season (October to April). Service during peak season will remain at three trips weekly.

There will also be a number reductions in southwestern Ontario, where GO Transit and other services are available to commuters. London, Aldershot, Kitchener, Niagara Falls and other cities will see reduced Via service.

Another round of “affected notices” have been delivered to public service workers, the majority this time going to workers at the Canada Revenue Agency.


The quiet cuts

  1. More short-sighted stupidity…..gawd Canadians suck at business.

    • Brilliant analysis. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

  2. I think Canada should subsidize Canadians who want to travel for work. Give them Via Rail (or Greyhound/Orleans/Goose/Acadian) tickets if this can be proven or provide a rebate. It is cheaper than welfare. Food. Public transit. Housing is the only toughie. The problem with electing Harper is he was never exposed to poverty. Chretein was. Took a million portfolios. I see a country of people living to 110 and self-selecting anything not unhealthy, they want as long as forced to break from addiction. If people want to move for work the banks and tar should pay for it.

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