The quiet cuts -

The quiet cuts


The Harper government’s budget cuts are apparently inspiring an existential crisis in and around the Conservatives.

“We need to get a set of balls and convince people that efficiencies mean lower taxes and better services. It’s the last bastion and we have to do it early in our majority,” said one senior Conservative. He said that influential figures in the Prime Minister’s Office, such as Mr. Wright, are more cautious and worried that talk of cuts will backfire with voters … 

Stephen Taylor, a director at the National Citizens Coalition (the organization once headed up by Stephen Harper) said that the government has been sheepish about any cuts that it has made. “They’re not putting them in the front window and saying ‘we’re proud of that.’ That’s too bad to me,” he said. The goal of the NCC, he said, is to change the culture of Canada so that news like the $8-billion in spending cut last year is heralded by governments, not hushed up.

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The quiet cuts

  1. “The goal of the NCC, he said, is to change the culture of Canada so that news like the $8-billion in spending cut last year is heralded by governments, not hushed up.”

    Where do you begin with a statement like that?

    The NCC isn’t elected and has no mandate to ‘change the culture of Canada’

    It isn’t even possible…leaving the NCC as just an arrogant nuisance

    Who was the idiot that first confused Canada’s culture with simple budget cuts?

    Let’s see who is funding this lobby group…….

  2. Good cuts are good, bad cuts are bad. Throughout the 90s the Liberals made a lot of difficult cuts and it’s not like there was a lot of low hanging fruit left. Chances are if the government won’t tell you what a cut is then it is bad, as well as insulting to the polity itself for not being given the information.

  3. Ah, the National Citizens Coalition, which is actually none of the three.

    The government is being prudent in not bragging about the cuts in the aftermath of said cuts literally sickening Canadians and temporarily harming Alberta’s beef industry. There is a difference between promoting efficiency or “cutting the fat” and willy-nilly ideological across-the-board budget cuts or “cutting the meat”. Maybe the Conservatives will learn that after cutting away too much meat. I doubt anyone working for the NCC ever will.

    • I dunno… maybe the Halifax media should ask Kevin Lacey what
      he thinks. They wouldn’t do that, would they ? (:

  4. Sir Arnold ~ If people don’t know what you’re doing, they don’t know what you’re doing wrong

    FR Scott ~ WLMK:
    We had no shape
    Because he never took sides,
    And no sides
    Because he never allowed them to take shape.

    He skilfully avoided what was wrong
    Without saying what was right,
    And never let his on the one hand
    Know what his on the other hand was doing.

  5. One very damaging cut is the decision to close down the internationally renouned Experimental Lakes program which is a bargain at two million annually! The cost of closing down the operation is estimated at 50 million dollars. Penny wise and pound foolish!