The quiet cuts -

The quiet cuts


Bill Curry reports on cuts at Public Works.

Public Works managers informed their employees Monday the department will shed about 700 jobs over the coming three years, a move one union leader says will include the elimination of 92 auditors. The cuts to auditing staff at Public Works come just as the department is in the midst of overseeing a $35-billion wave of military purchases – including new ships and icebreakers – that carries political implications as Canada’s regions battle over the contracts.


The quiet cuts

  1. So the cuts are just in the nick of time then!

  2. Now there’s a clever idea….get rid of auditors when you’re in a wave of purchasing.

    Nothing like oversight.

    • I’m lighting a candle for Kevin Page. I think his office is on borrowed time.

      • Yeah, and he isn’t gonna make AG either.

  3. Saving by eliminating spending oversight? There’s some positive thinking to this logic and that’s not a compliment.

  4. Hey, everybody knows that when you farm out functions to the perfection
    of the private sector everything just goes tickety-boo. The best of all possible
    worlds. Can’t wait.

  5. I’m sure that Deloitte and Touche can perform audits much more cheaply than a salaried workforce.


    • Dunno – I have lots of dealings with federal gov auditors, a few of whom even have accounting credentials.  Based on a few decades worth of reviewing their work, I’d have to go with Deloittes here.

      • Ah – we’re trying to save money. 

      • Private auditors have been known to fudge results to suit their client’s desired outcomes (Enron for one, possibly the R&D audit for another).