The quiet cuts -

The quiet cuts

More things that there isn’t money for anymore


Further to this, CBC reported last week that the government will close eight Veterans Affairs offices. Christie Blatchford has reported that military reserve budgets are being slashed. The Canadian Forces recruiting centre in Windsor has closed. And Canada Post is considering service cuts.

Meanwhile, there are new concerns being raised about the end of the Police Officer Recruitment Fund—see previously, The Demise of the Police Officer Recruitment Fund. Vic Toews defends the fund as a “one-time investment.”

In Vancouver, the Kitsilano Coast Guard station was quietly closed last week, apparently to the surprise of Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. Global News wonders if the closure has something to do with selling the land the station is located on.


The quiet cuts

  1. Selling the land is certainly a reasonable assumption. After all, there is precedent to think Mr. Flaherty might be attempting to use one-time sales to mask ongoing deficits in his budgets.

  2. Yes siree. 2015 is fast approaching and SH promised a balanced budget in order for him to be relected with a majority again…and again…and again…amen

  3. Can unannounced cuts to the Senate be next?

    Naw, guess not.

  4. One gets the feeling that though the Conservatives like to drape themselves in the flag for political reasons, they really don’t give a shit about veterans

    • Yes, Conservatives are Bad. Harper Hates Canada. Canada As We Know It Is Being Destroyed. We need our own Arab Spring. Stop Harper!

      • Can you refute the actual argument presented?

      • Actually, I think the Conservatives are GREAT! They’re closing Veteran Affairs offices to help those ungrateful, whiny ass veterans. We’ve got to band together to keep the Conservatives in power lest these complaining vets gain any traction with their mealy mouthed complaining.
        C’mon Orson! Join me in denouncing these traitors!
        Praise Harper! and long may he reign o’er us

      • Your juvenile sarcasm button is still on. Don’t you have any IT support?

    • The Cons care about veterans in the same way that they care about the environment, the Constitution, women, the poor, accountability, transparency, democracy… well, you get the picture.

  5. I don’t understand why the govt is cutting back on things that genuinely help people….veteran’s affairs, pogey….and things they insisted the country needed, like more military and more ‘law and order’…..and yet are keen to spend millions on the Senate [debate, investigations, court direction plus salaries and all] and F-35s. Things that don’t help Canadians….and that Canadians have no interest in.

    The govt is being penny-wise and pound foolish on cutbacks……and getting us nowhere.

    • Conservatives invented the Senate and have always wanted to keep it exactly as it is and have never wanted to change it one iota. Liberals have always opposed the Senate’s very existence and have always been deeply committed to reforming and/or abolishing it.

      • What are you drinking today?

        • Orson has always been fond of kool-aid, I hear.

          • Aw, he’s just full of Bean.

      • Your contributions are getting predictably lame.

  6. Damn those warmongering Conservatives! It’s all about promoting the military with them!

    • Yes, it is. They just don’t carry through on their promises.

      Boy, lose one lousy war and it’s back to the ‘decade of darkness’ again. LOL

    • “Damn those warmongering Conservatives! It’s all about promoting the military with them!”

      Soldiers in fatigues they love. It’s those damned needy veterans they seem to loathe. Vets need to learn to stand on their own two feet (if they still have them). Veterans Affairs should start doing some random home visits to see if they really are vets or just another bunch of losers who are bilking the system. Why, It’s almost like they have a culture of defeat…or something.

      • Oh that’s perfect. Visiting vets in their homes to see if they really are in wheelchairs…..

      • Soldiers aren’t supposed to come back damaged in the world of the chickenhawk, they’re supposed to come back intact or have the common decency to die.

        As long as Harper, MacKay and others like them do not have to actually put their lives on the line they’ll continue to serve their neo-liberal masters using and destroying as many people as they think they can get away with.

    • These veterans are the left-overs that Conservatives would rather mistreat than provide for.

  7. “A physician working for Veterans Affairs Canada apologizes to Veteran for making false medical statements”

    In 2008 at the age of 38, Mr. Gieschen had 16 years of experience; 8 years
    managing, developing and selling security products, 4 years in fraud
    investigation, consulting and prevention, and 4 years as the Director
    of a global intelligence agency. He published hundreds of
    intelligence reports which were used by governments and agencies
    around the globe, but wanted a change. “Having worked with
    intelligence agencies and branches within law enforcement, customs,
    and the military I developed a great respect for those who worked in
    the public service. I enjoy a challenge was very fit and had at
    least 3 tours worth of Intel experience so I applied to and was
    accepted into the Canadian Forces as an Intelligence Officer. In
    total I spent 16 consecutive months away from my family, was trained
    for 7 months and provided intelligence training to personnel and
    advised senior staff for 23 months. I endured basic and advanced
    warfare training before being asked to join the Canadian Special
    Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM). I was posted to LFWA in
    Edmonton for 9 months where I used my previous experience to train
    Intelligence Officers before being transferred to Calgary for 9
    months as the G2, or head of military intelligence, for 41 Canadian
    Brigade Group. Overall it was a great experience until I was
    injected with a substance called AREPANRIX or the H1N1 vaccine. I
    had a life-threatening reaction to the vaccine and retired, in the
    words of the Commanding Officer of LFWA, as one of the most over
    qualified Second Lieutenants in the CF. I applied to Veterans
    Affairs Canada (VAC) but was denied rehabilitation and disability
    benefits. In a letter following a complaint to the College of
    Physicians and Surgeons of PEI the veteran received an apology from
    the VAC Physician. Dr. David Ashby, a prominent General Surgeon
    employed by VAC, claimed one of the veterans illnesses, Multiple
    Sclerosis, had no medical treatment, a claim vigorously disputed by
    the veterans neurologist. “There is a large body of medical
    literature that demonstrates that disease-modifying therapies in MS
    do reduce the recurrence of MS attacks”. In 2012 two physicians
    from the Canadian Forces, the head of the Department of Medical
    Policy and the Area Surgeon for LFWA investigated the veterans
    injury, a severe reaction to the H1N1 vaccine AREPANRIX, concluding
    it was a service related injury which aggravated his MS and caused
    permanent life-threatening cardiovascular, respiratory and
    gastrointestinal symptoms. VAC personnel verbally admitted the
    department made grave errors when it initially evaluated the injury.
    They finally approved the applications, but officially deny any
    negligence on its part and the Minister of Veterans Affairs refuses
    to apologize to the veteran. Mr. Gieschen said “it feels good to
    finally have an apology from the doctor, the department is clearly at
    fault and needs to take responsibility for itself. I am also very
    concerned that many of my colleagues in the CF may encounter the same
    problem if VAC does not investigate and implement improved screening
    and testing of physicians. Because of the severity of this error in
    my mind it casts doubt over the credibility of the entire department
    and makes me wonder how many other veterans may have been denied or
    given substantially reduced rehabilitation or disability awards. I
    hope this has not occurred.”