The quiet cuts -

The quiet cuts

Reductions at the Canada Revenue Agency, Passport Canada and Elections Canada


The Canada Revenue Agency is reducing spending and staffing within two of its compliance programs. Passport Canada projects that a quarter of its staff will be cut. Elections Canada is putting off a pilot project on online voting. And seven Department of Fisheries libraries are scheduled to close.

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The quiet cuts

  1. Canada’s unionized bureaucracy at work – charging Canadians more to provide fewer services.

  2. Fisheries Libraries? I’m not just sure when fish learned to read, but you can bet they’re up to noooo good.

    • I have overdosed on Fringe the past few weeks – in answer to your question, fish on this Earth don’t read but in parallel universes fish have evolved differently and occasionally the clever fish arrive here and Canadians are accommodating people.

      Won’t the Conservatives consider the literate lobsters?

      • It depends on how the lobsters plan to use that literacy…

        Personally, I welcome our new lobster overlords.

    • Where did they learn to read? In schools!

      • I hear they’re up to their gills in homework, too.

        • They should quit carping about it.

    • Uh, clearly it is the FISHERIES, the buildings that house the fish, that are doing the reading, not the fish themselves. I mean, your way was simply an absurdity.

      • Or so the fish would have us believe…

  3. Harper’s going to get that balanced budget he desperately needs if he has to empty half of Ottawa to do it. …bet Jumbo finds a way to overshoot it anyway.

  4. All government services should be contracted out, the private sector companies and the unions free to bid on the work, get the best deal for taxpayers, reduce the tax burden.

    • Yeah, because knowing you saved an extra $20 on your tax bill makes waiting for the lowest bidding fire department to arrive perfectly acceptable while your house burns down.

    • Absolutely. And they should be contracted out to Conservative contractors because, as we know from your posts regarding Trudeau’s speaking engagements, when a Conservative does government work he does it for next to nothing due to the deep respect he has for the taxpayer.

    • You’re onto something here. Just think how much more tax money we could waste more quickly if we handed everything over to the more efficient private sector.

      After all, look at how quickly dollars evaporate into thin air with private sector construction, defense procurement or advertising! Why spend money on hundreds of employees when you can get less for more from a few fat executive salaries and big corporate bribery entertainment budgets?

      Maybe Mr. 3 per cent can be enlisted to run the scam.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily go for broke but there have been experiences of contracting providing better service at a lower price. There was a highway I believe in California that saw the company go to lengths to give gas to cars that had run out and things like that because their bottom line depended on the most efficient traffic flow. I watched a Reason tv video about a guy advising towns and cities on contracting who said he wasn’t sure about the results because government was costing half as much and not necessarily getting smaller as he supported. Pools in the States often use private trained over Red Cross lifeguards because the private companies check up on graduates at work because it’s important to them how good of a job they’re doing.

      There are definitely upsides that are possible on costs and quality.

    • Let’s let the companies bring in temporary foreign workers – that should show those greedy public workers.

  5. “The agency says it expects fewer people to apply for the new, more secure travel documents by then.
    “Passport Canada constantly adjusts staffing levels to respond to passport demand,” the agency says in an email to The Canadian Press….
    But if demand remains high, the planned number of staff cuts will be reduced, the agency says.”

    It seems like there’s a bump in staff to deal with applications for the new chip passports currently.

  6. Good to see that they taking the issue of tax compliance
    really, really seriously. Really.

    • Harper continues to fight for the hard working Canadian taxpayers who play the rules…

      • LOL.. nicely done. I missed on the first read that you’d dropped the “by”.

  7. Why the heck does the Department of Fisheries need ANY libraries?!?!