The quiet cuts -

The quiet cuts

Job losses in the public service


The Privy Council Office tallies 15,000 public service jobs eliminated last year.

The report quietly tabled in the House of Commons last Friday shows that overall, the government cut its total number of employees from 278,092 to 262,902 from March 31 last year to Dec. 31. Of those, 8,000 of the more than 15,000 jobs that were eliminated were for fulltime “indeterminate” positions, a reduction of about three per cent. The remaining roughly 7,000 positions that were eliminated were for students and casual, or term, employees, the report says.

The document, an annual report to Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) on the public service, shows the students and casual employees, often women and younger members of the work force, took the biggest hit. Of about 5,300 student positions, the government cut nearly 1,100, a reduction of just over 20 per cent, the report says. Out of about 29,500 part-time positions, the government eliminated 5,550, a cut of just over 18 per cent.

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The quiet cuts

  1. YEAH TEAM !!!`~ hopefully we can double that next year :)

    • Sure! Which members of your family work for the government? Since you’re so in favour of people losing their jobs, let’s start with those who are enthusiastic about the prospect…

  2. Isn’t the more relevant question where these jobs are being cut from? I
    suspect there are a few more scientists, regulators and former members
    of Environment Canada out there looking for a job now, than members of
    Harper’s black ops brigade…er, folks who tell us how wonderful our
    govt is on a daily basis.

  3. 15,000 fewer leeches.

    • Yes, damn those students, women, and younger members of the work force for wanting to work.

      • Sorry you’re right. I forgot that the government’s role was to employ people for no particular reason. Productivity? Who cares!

        • Ah. I forgot that you’re a clairvoyant who can somehow understand the productivity of 15,000 people without knowing what a single one of them was actually doing.

          Oh.. sorry.. I said clairvoyant. I meant delusional.

          • Right. Because the public service should never ever ever be trimmed back. No, once the government hires someone that person should be hired for life.

          • Let’s start where it will do some good: Empty the PMO of all those drones whose job it is to dictate to MPs what they are to say, and let the MPs actually do what they were elected to do.. represent the electorate, not Harper.
            Thin out THOSE ranks and then there might be argument that waste has been eliminated.

        • Wow. The Conservative Government has been spending millions and employing thousands “for no particular reason”? Have they been doing this for their entire term or did they hire thousands of employees “for no particular reason” recently?
          You must be outraged! Who would you like to see resign over this?

          • I’d like you to resign.

          • Can you answer any of my questions, NotRick? Or is the truth of the matter that you have no idea what any of the people losing their jobs are doing or how productive they are?

          • You’re right. I’m sure the government is not hiring these people out of pure spite, because we all know that Conservatives are evil and everything they do is because they have bad intentions.

            You don’t know what these so-called “jobs” were supposed to be either, so unless some department suddenly becomes unable to perform it’s roll, it’s clear as day that this was needless fat. If you don’t notice someone’s missing from work, it’s pretty obvious that they’re not doing much of anything.

            But answer me this: do you work for the government NotLenny? When is it appropriate for the government to trim it’s work force? Are you working on the public’s time while you troll here?

          • I’m right about what? You seem pretty confused, NotRick I asked you questions which you’re apparently unable to answer. You, not I, made assertions about the productivity and and usefulness of the employees in question.
            So, are you outraged that the Conservatives have been paying millions of dollars in salaries for years for “no particular reason”, or do you think the Conservatives hired people for “no particular reason” more recently?

          • You seem to be concerned that people are losing their jobs. Nobody is losing a job, jobs are simply being eliminated, ie. people aren’t being hired to fill them.

            Am I outraged that the government wasn’t downsizing the public service during the recession? No, not outraged. A little disappointed perhaps, but I guess I’m not as emotional as you. I am happy that they’re getting it right now, however.

            You can continue to live in the past, I will continue to look to the future.

          • “Am I outraged that the government wasn’t downsizing the public service during the recession?”

            That wasn’t the question. The question was: ” Are you outraged that the Conservatives have been paying millions of
            dollars in salaries for years for “no particular reason”, or do you
            think the Conservatives hired people for “no particular reason” more

          • No, no, and I’d like to see Trust Fund Trudeau resign over this.

        • Well it certainly isn’t their role to bring in cheap labor and give our jobs away to the lowest bidder. This I do care about we were scammed to keep wages down to profit the corporations. Squash the unions so they co

    • Since you seem to have insider information, such as the nature of the positions cut and their level of productivity, do you happen to also know where the government misplaced 3 billion? (If so, maybe you should whisper the answer in Tony’s ear. He evidently has no clue).

    • Armed forces, search and rescue, doctors, nurses, teachers, firemen, police. Fire them all! You, Rick, are a jackass.

      • Yes, because trimming 3% of the public service is exactly the same as “fire them all”. Way to stay rational there, pal.

        And if you’d bothered to even read the article, the jobs that were eliminated were “indeterminate”, and “for students and casual, or term, employees”. Those aren’t exactly doctors, nurses, search and rescue or armed forces or police, now are they? As for teachers and firemen, you might want to know that the federal government doesn’t employ teachers, or firemen.

        Is there any situation in your strange little universe when trimming the public service is OK? Was Chretien’s slash-and-burn strategy fine with you, just because he was a Liberal?

        Now crawl back to your mom’s basement you worthless troll.

        • I only troll trolls, troll. Quit looking in the mirror, “Rick”.

  4. The government line is that government (bureaucracy) is too big, too inefficient compared to private industry and we have to do like Thatcher and Reagan – drain the swamp – fire people, offshore and contract out.

    For some odd reason the meanness just gets meaner these days – eliminate jobs, bring in temporary foreign workers, contract the rest to greedy business, cut the EI, increase technology to eliminate more jobs and call the remaining unemployed Canadians leeches for attempting to “leech” off programs they paid for, like EI.

    The same program (neoliberalism, Washington consensus, “el modelo”, “There Is No Alternative”) tried in Britain and the U.S. has caused mass inequality, an increase to 200 foodbanks for every one in 1980, riots, job losses, bankruptcies, increased homelessness and despair everywhere. The hypothesis that all boats would be raised may not have noticed the little hole [casino capitalism?] that has been systemically bored into all the small boats to ensure they rather sink and keep on sinking while the big boats sit quite a bit higher in the water.

    • You do realize that Labour was government in Britain for 13 years from 97 to 2010? Apparently not. In Britain, the government is the biggest employer in every region of the country except London. Since that time, Cameron has been doing everything to avoid looking like a Conservative, so much so that a new party on the right is siphoning his votes.

      Meanwhile the US has had comrade Obama for the last 5 years, and a Democratic congress or senate for the last 7 years, including a trifecta Democrat house/senate/presidency for 2 of those years.

      Both countries have had the furthest thing from Thatcher and Reagan while their economies have tanked. The furthest thing!

      Yet here you are in an alternate universe. What color are your pet unicorns?

  5. The Cons have two years left in which to implement their mission to smallify government. After the civil service is decimated, they’ll start selling off assets.

  6. Reaction of conservative supporters here is frankly inexplicable. Why celebrate more fellow Canadians heading for the EI ranks? What did they do; why are their jobs and those programs being cut? Or are they all going to be replaced by TFWs? Is it only Liberal supporters who like having neighbours who have jobs? I find it helps spread the tax burden for all of us when most of us have jobs.